Thursday, July 11, 2013

room by room : masters

It has been a while... like I said before... I have issues finishing things.  But here is the last installment of the room-by-room series (before changes).  The only room left is the baby room... nothing exciting there though, it is a completely clean slate; same wood floors, one window with the same blinds, same beige walls and the same tiny closet with folding doors.  So I will just share that room once we finish, or at least get to really working on it.  

the bedroom: 

from the doorway
other side of the room
The bedspread is temporary, we got rid of the one we have had since we were married.  It was beige and black and it is time to add some color and lighten things up.   The lampshades will also need to be replaced since Zoe has poked holes in them very badly over the years.
Soon I will probably put our photos back on the wall, and am actively looking for a new comforter.  I would prefer a duvet for easy cleaning, but we do not have an insert (pretty expensive).  Also curtains for each of the windows in the room would be nice eventually.  I still have no idea what color scheme we will go with, so this room is very much in transition.  We did add the blinds as soon as we moved in.
the bath:

We brought this shower curtain and the striped rug with us from Louisville.  It is a bit narrow of a bathroom but it is fine for us. 
Main changes in here are to fix the light (the cover wont stay up for some reason), frost the window (everyone could see us if it weren't for the trees...even so we are careful about how we look in front of the window haha), and there is a built in (like recedes into the wall built in) cabinet that has no doors on it to hide all of our stuff.  While I would love to just get rid of the whole thing, it would be a lot easier to just put doors on it.

So that is the end of the initial house tour.  We have made a few changes around the place, but most of the rest are being held up by my lack of desire to finish unpacking, or waiting to get some help.  Other than repainting a few rooms (I think I have a color picked for the kitchen and baby room), my top priorities right now are to buy a rug for the living room (which will decide the way I decorate everything else in that space), find an old dresser for the baby room, and the bedspread for our bedroom.  

Miss the rest of this series?  Thats ok, here they are:

Thanks for stopping by, I will try to be a little better about posting now that this mental block is out of the way!

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  1. Don't feel bad, our master looked fairly similar for the first TWO YEARS after we bought our house. It wasn't until last fall that I finally bought new bedding and SLOWLY started doing stuff to the space (not by choice really, it took me that long to convince hubby to let me spend any money decorating). I think your space looks nice and practical and calm for now.

    I've been loving seeing all the details and plans for your new home!


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