Thursday, June 20, 2013

room by room : dining

In case you missed the first installment of this series, yesterday I unveiled our kitchen.

Today is the room that will probably receive the least amount of attention in the coming months... there are just too many other "top priorities".  However, I enjoy this room because of the sliding doors that let out onto our deck and into the backyard.  So it is not insignificant. 

the dining room:

This is the view from the kitchen.  I love the amount of natural light that comes in through the sliding doors.  The left door goes out to our carport and the right door goes into our laundry room.  I tried desperately to find my candlesticks for the table but its just going to take a lot more digging in the giant boxes that are left to unpack.

Please forgive the poor Photoshop skills...I messed with it forever and that was the best I could do.  I would like to eventually get a long table to act as an entry table/buffet for the dining room.  I'm not sure if I would put it on that wall or the wall that shares the kitchen.  I think a nice large mirror would look good on that wall as well.  Otherwise, the biggest thing I'd like to change is the table and chairs.  They just aren't my style.  I would like cleaner lines, less spindles.  But it just is not a realistic update to be making anytime soon at all.

This is what we see when sitting on the couch in the living room.  LOVE the sliding door!  

It will be a while of saving... but I would like to get a nice size rug to put in here.  We currently have NO carpet unless you count the bathmats.  It is a bit of a loud house... plus the rug would really just finish up this room nicely.  Once I'm sure I'm not painting this room I will start sorting through my framed pictures and deciding what might go on the walls in here.  The immediate fix I want to make is to do something about that chandelier.  I like the chandelier itself... just not the shades over the bulbs.  So once I make a quick trip to the store and buy some low wattage frosted bulbs for it, those suckers are coming off!

The view into the kitchen.  You know... so you can start understanding how this house is laid out.

The only thing from this view I would change is to add some pictures... preferably find some local art/poster prints to frame up.  Its a good size wall, might as well use it!
This was a last minute change.  This little space next to food storage needed a little something...and after we purchased the big cat tower (you get to see that tomorrow, lucky you!), I decided I could use Kyle's bookshelf that used to hold the millions of med school books as a nice place to hold my DIY books and cookbooks.  The wreath used to be on our door in our apartment hallway and it doesn't quit fit on our weird front door so I thought this was a good enough spot for it.

So that's the dining room!  Tomorrow I hope to share the living room with you!

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