Thursday, June 20, 2013

thankful thursday

Wow, Thursday really snuck up on me this week!  I really thought yesterday was Tuesday for a while!

this Thursday I am thankful for:

closing.  It was a long long road.  No part of it was ideal (except maybe picking out the house on our first day looking).  We had a great realty team there to support us through it all, and our realtor has really become part of the family.  It sounds like we aren't the only ones to have some issues moving in... 2 other residents on Kyle's team have also had problems; one is living in a hotel this week, hoping to close on her house, the other closed a while ago but planned and unplanned renovations have held up their settling in.  Thankful our house was pretty much move-in ready.

my family.  They were with us from Wednesday night to Monday at noon.  From loading the truck to organizing it in the new house.  Couldn't have done as much as we did without them.  Thanks guys for everything; I know I didn't make it easy on you but you were real troopers.  My dad basically worked nonstop as carpenter, gardener, electrician, and plumber from the moment we unlocked the door (except for this quick trip to downtown for dinner).

my backyard.  You cannot imagine how excited I am to finally have a garden and a grill.  I can't wait to start getting in some fresh veggies and I have already put that grill to good use!  Thanks to everyone that made it possible.  Now I just need some patio furniture...

This Thursday I am linking up with my good friend Julia over at BlackTag Diaries.  So pop over and say hi!

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  1. love this week's list... and LOVE that i can see a baby bump in that top picture!!!! missssss youuuuuuu!


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