Wednesday, June 26, 2013

room by room : spares

This post is all about the spares of the house.  The spare/guest room, and the hall bathroom.  These are the 2 rooms that I have deemed (basically) finished.  Of course I will probably hang a picture or two, and eventually add curtains, but for the most part... they are done.  I'm fine with the beige on the walls in these rooms.  Maybe I will get sick of it eventually...but I don't want to go crazy with painting every single room in the house when neutral is going to sell easier in 5 years.  We shall see.

This time the cats decided to photobomb everything. They like to follow me around the house.  

the guest room:

Since I'm only thinking of subtle changes for this room, I'm not going to bother drawing them out this time.  I'm really only thinking of either a header on top of each window for that final polished look or just a simple long sheer.  Right now I'm fine with just the blinds.  They seem to do their job well of keeping out most of the light.  I also have some paint samples that I scored at the ReStore in both blue and green that would match the comforter... I am thinking about painting the wood portion of that little side table that my aunt gave me before we moved.  Not really sure though if I want to paint it.

No changes here... this is my bedroom furniture from when I was in high school.  It belonged to my great great uncle.  Its a little rough around the edges but I just love it.  The only thing we did to this room was install blinds to the windows on day1.

I will probably put a larger framed something to the left of this window.  Our guests got the upgrade with this move; we (Kyle) put our TV in this room and had a 2nd satellite receiver installed for them.  Our parents have loved it.

the spare bathroom:

There really just wasn't a good way to get any good pictures of this room.  The seller left the shower curtain, which I just love.  My mom bought the extra bathmat to go in front of the tub, and we had to install the towel bar, paper towel holder, and the hand towel ring.  

My mom added the magnifying mirror and I added the toothbrush holder.  Everything else was either here or came with us from Louisville.  We had to put a mat at the foot of the vanity because there is a floor vent under the vanity that makes the tile floor feel like ice!

So those are our "spares" of the house.  Our bed and bath will probably be on here Friday, and once the 3rd bedroom (the baby room) gets cleared, I will take a few pictures of its blank slate before we start figuring out decorations for it.  

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Come back tomorrow for some big news on this week's Thankful Thursday!

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