Wednesday, June 19, 2013

room by room : kitchen

We have been pretty busy since the Friday move-in and I've started settling into my new job as a homemaker.  Kyle started orientation on Monday so I've had to keep myself busy.  I've done a little unpacking and tidying up, but mostly running around checking out the local thrift shops.  Today, however, I decided the blog would be my top priority.  

The room of choice to share today is the kitchen.  It is pretty much the first room to be "finished".  I say "finished" because of course I intend to do something to all of the rooms... so the next several posts will be of our rooms with our stuff but little to no improvements done to what existed when we moved in, with some extra photos of changes I would like to make.  

the kitchen:

We had to buy the fridge for ourselves, thankfully it was the only appliance that needed purchasing.  After a lot of issues trying to find the counter-depth Whirlpool Gold that I wanted, at the last minute, we were able to get basically the same thing in a Kenmore Elite (made by Whirlpool) from Sears with a hefty sales sticker on it, delivered exactly when we needed it.  So instead of living out of a cooler for 3 weeks like it was looking like we would need to, we only had to survive about a day.  

I knew immediately that I wanted this big cabinet to be food storage, but I think its original purpose was to store the trash... so I had my Dad order some drawers for easy access to food and helped him install them on Saturday (I glued 2 of the drawers together...he did everything else...thanks Dad!)

I would really like to paint the top panel with chalkboard paint so I can have a fun little spot to write my grocery list as I realize what I'm out of. 

This is from standing next to the fridge, virtually the majority of our cabinets and counter space.  It is more than we had though and we are very thankful.  All of our stuff fits in these cabinets pretty well since we have the food storage surrounding the fridge.

This is the other side of the kitchen.  The microwave is old (and still dirty :/) but the seller installed the dishwasher (which is 100xs quieter than what was in our apartment!) and range.  I chose to turn the empty display area into a built-in coffee bar and am keeping all of my mugs above the various coffee makers.

You may not be able to tell from the photo very well, but we started changing out the knobs on the cabinets.  The left side shows how small the existing ones were (gunmetal plain), and the coffee bar has the larger ones (gunmetal with a basket weave design).  The new knobs were left overs from a job my Dad did so we are going to need to order some more to finish up.  I've highlighted the background of the coffee bar in grey; I hope to eventually put a tile backsplash of some sort in there.  Not drawn in,  I want to install a small light in the top of this space and I would also like to find a cute colorful little tray to put the sugar bowl and spoon on to keep the surface from getting coffee stains.
I love that I have a window to look out of now.  To add a little color and to soften the area, I am dreaming up some curtain plans:  

My original thought was to go with an orange theme and do a little curtain on the bottom half... probably with a design.  I had picked out a cute Ikat print that I thought would work great here...

Since getting here though and getting a better look at the countertop... I'm thinking green would probably be the safer color to go in here... and the rug I brought is also blue and green and I really like the look of it with the hardwood.  I also feel like it MIGHT be better to put the curtain at the top so I am sure to be able to look out the window rather than straining to see over the curtain.

So what do you think?  I can't wait to see how this space evolves.  Green is really growing on me for this room... 


  1. Why not do some cafe style curtains on the lower half of the kitchen window that you can open when you'd like a view out, or simply push together and close when you'd like a little privacy? Something like this would be really easy to DIY in any fabric you'd please, and using a tension rod, you could make a ton of different little curtain options to easily change out with your moods/the season/etc.

    1. That said, if you do decide to go with a shade at the top of the window, I think a roman shade (or DIY faux roman shade) would be your best bet to keep things looking modern... and you could still work in a fun color or patterned fabric.

  2. It's so nice!!! I really like the top option and I agree with the suggestion above of a roman shade. Personally, I like how the orange compliments your counter-tops, but that's a personal preference decision to make. :)

    Also, are you staying home stay-at-home-mama? If so, welcome to my world. ;)

  3. Thanks ladies, I was thinking if I did the bottom curtain I would do exactly that sort of thing Amy, if I did the top, I was thinking more along the lines of what YoungHouseLove did here for their bathroom curtain:

    Beth Ann,
    yes I am intending to stay home indefinitely, if I get too bored I might sign up to volunteer somewhere for the summer, but we will see!

  4. Wow, looks great! Love that you have a window over the sink.


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