my little family

This is Kyle.  We met during my freshman year (his sophomore) of college through some of his fraternity brothers that I had a few classes with.  We dated for a year before we were engaged, and married at the end of my junior year of undergrad, 2 weeks after he graduated.  He had to work a year in research before being accepted into medical school his second time trying (God's sovereignty!!!).  We feel so blessed by that year, to just get used to being married before we were to be immersed in the medical world; otherwise we would have spent that first year living 2 hours apart while I finished school.  He is such a loving man, and I am incredibly blessed to call him mine.

Myles Oliver was born on November 13th, 2013 (his due date!).  He is such a blessed addition to our family, and we just love seeing how much he changes each day!

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