Friday, November 27, 2015

wishlist : Christmas 2015 mini-man edition

Christmas is just super hard to pick things out for Myles because it is just so close to his birthday.  I think most people have already decided what they are getting him, but I still wanted to do a little wishlist on here for him.

1 :  Kidkraft Play Kitchen.  I believe Santa may be bringing this big item, but he could still use a little bit of play food for it.  How cute is this felt breakfast set?!

2 : Hape Coffee Maker Play Set.  The one big thing in the kitchen Myles always loves "helping" me with is making the coffee.  I think he would LOVE to have his own coffee maker to play with!

3 : Melissa&Doug Locks and Latches Board.  These skills boards are pretty neat, especially this one that has different locks!  He is obsessed with trying to get my keys into the door lock so I imagine he would like figuring these out.

4 : A new pair of sneakers.  When I originally picked out these Pumas, they were a fraction of the current price.  He is just going to need size 8 or larger toddler tennis shoes before too long.

5 : Toddler bedding.  Rumor has it that a toddler bed has been purchased, but we will need sheets!  Especially with the thought of potty training soon, we will definitely need a second mattress pad, and some toddler size sheets, plus his first little pillow!.  I'm still trying to work up the courage to make him a quilt.

What is your toddler getting this year?  Anything I should think about?


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