Friday, November 13, 2015

myles oliver : 2 years

So many changes since your 18 month update.  You are pretty solidly in 2T clothes... And just graduated to an 8 in shoes!  You currently weigh a little over 29 pounds and are just shy of 34.5 inches tall. 

While you have definitely started into the terrible 2s phase, you are still such a sweet little boy.  You want to help with all of the chores (I recently caught you properly dumping small trashcans into the big kitchen one the other day while I was folding clothes!), and love kissing boo-boos.  You are obsessed with our friends' new babies, and always try to make sure your friends don't lose their cups or toys.

Your vocabulary is starting to take off.  Favorite phrases include : bye bye, thank you, daddy home, Remi down!, wow cool!, uh oh mommy, oh no! (so dramatic!) You are getting better at frequently used words (back ( want things where they should be), ice, milk, snack, cookie, chips, dirty, bath, shoe, cheese, sit, oops...), but still have a few made up versions we have had to learn to make life a little easier.  You are getting really good at possessives; pointing out "mine" or "mommy's" or "daddy's".  You can point to most body parts, and say a few of them correctly.  You really like pointing at eyes on other people or objects we see.  You also have gotten really good at recognizing faces in photographs, especially loving our wall-of-frames.

You have a big obsession with airplanes ("airduh!!!").  You point at every one that flies overhead and love the couple of toy ones I let you pick out.  You also really love shoes, and desperately keep trying to figure out belts (someone please find one in his size!).  Food-wise, you want avocado, cheese and yogurt at all times, love eating whole apples, pizza (any toppings are fine!) and cheeseburgers are a hit.  You have a major love for cooked broccoli, onions, bell peppers, all stew beans (not green beans!), carrots, and virtually all "soups".  Frustratingly though, you do have your toddler moments where you want nothing that I fix you.

At the moment, you would much rather play on the kindle or run around outside than dare to pick up a book.  You are obsessed with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, enjoy Thomas the Train, Little Einsteins, and Dora the Explorer.  You are getting really good at puzzles, and will sit for a few minutes at a time to play with blocks.  I am able to mostly get out of the house with you without major meltdowns as long as we get out before noon, and except for a few nap-strikes, you have been napping 2-3 hours at some point after 1pm.  At home, you love pulling the pots and pans out to "cook", "organizing" things, plugging in our electronics, getting into the fridge every few minutes (we are going to have to get a lock for that), turning lights on and off, opening and closing doors, and buckling every buckle you can see.  Basically, you are into everything and childproofing is a joke.

Myles Oliver, you know how to push all of my buttons, but you are also really getting good at showing us genuine love.  I can't wait to see what this next year entails!

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  1. Oh, I LOVE these photos of him in his little world - the lamp one is especially precious. Sounds like our boys would get along in a lot of interests and food loves and occasional pill moments :)


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