Wednesday, July 8, 2015

a morning at the farm

Our church plans Family Fun days during the summer.  A couple of weeks ago Myles and I went to the one planned at Mini Miracles Farm.  Of course it was in the middle of our mega heat wave... so we were all a bit miserable.  But Myles and his friend Maggie had a blast anyway!  A few photos of them exploring:

Monday, July 6, 2015

2 years down.

...3 more to go.  July 1st is the big Medical New Year for all of us, so I wanted to follow up with how PGY2 went and what we have to look forward to in PGY3.

The first year of residency was really momentous because there were a lot of lessons learned. This year... well I'm not entirely sure what to write.  Do I add to the list of lessons... if so... what?  Those 6 lessons/words of wisdom certainly held their ground.

I could list off some of my favorite wives' nights; our wine tasting at Cork & Tap, painting class, dinner at newly opened Dive n Boar, brunch at Roost... that one night a month is hands down what I look forward to the most... you know... besides Kyle's weekends off.  

Although I always look forward to his working weekends because we love to try to visit him at the hospital (sometimes a flop... but mostly we have been pretty successful).  It is really fun getting to see Myles figure out where we are (he now points and says "Dada!!" when he sees the hospital entrance) and he feels like big stuff getting to visit with the other residents.  

The rest of the year was filled with: a trip to Hilton Head, visits from KY, visits to KY, using our zoo membership, lots of Dunkin runs, some unsuccessful landscaping, some very successful home interior updates (some not documented here... yet!), branching out from our normal haunts and finding a few new spots in our city, consistently being a part of our small group, welcoming new babies into the various circles of our friends (with more on the way...), lots of use of our library card for Myles and I (especially their eBook section!) and an increased interest in trying out (and sharing!) new recipes as frequently as I can.

The past year for Kyle held a lot more autonomy than first year, we survived his away rotation to Charleston (it was surprisingly easier with Myles here than when we did them during med school), his favorite rotation was acute care but mostly because that is where he was able to be in on the most cases.  Upcoming for him is added responsibility, better selection on cases, and a month of being the Chief resident on Peds (not a fun month).  

Upcoming for us this year, Myles and I are meeting our TX family in the Smokies next week for a couple of nights, then Kyle requested vacation during my mom's fall break... since he got it, we booked a cruise to the Bahamas in October, minus the Myles.  Thanksgiving in KY, and then hopefully visiting my brother after he relocates to Vegas in the winter, and more and more adventuring in our area, hopefully with some new residency friends!