Wednesday, May 14, 2014

myles oliver : monthbymonth 6

I know it is a little different from his past photos but he posed himself like this and I just loved it!
We hit the big 6 months mark yesterday.  Crazy.  It has been a fantastic month, we spent a lot of it outside and with new friends.  I can finally get you to take your morning nap in your crib (about 10am).  That is how I am able to write this... Afternoon naps either have to be in your car seat while we run around, or on me.  You refuse to nap in your crib more than once a day.

At your 6 month appointment today, you weighed 15 lbs 15 oz and were 27 inches long.  You had to have 3 shots, which of course were no fun, but you were mostly fine once the nurse gave you a little toy frog to take home.  

We started feeding you baby food this past month.  So far you really like everything in front of you.  Even the really weird spinach and rutabaga puree we tried.  Fruits, vegetables, meats, you don't seem to be very picky.  I even add spices to a few things (cumin and garlic to zucchini, cinnamon to squash or fruits) and you love that too.  At the moment, I feed you food twice a day and still nurse all the time.  Usually oatmeal and fruit in the morning before your nap and a vegetable and fruit or whatever for dinner time.  So far I am mostly giving you jarred food, but I hope to start making some baby food for the freezer on occasion now that I have a steamer and a new blender.

your first easter with us
Your bedtime seems to be creeping earlier and earlier per your own request.  You like to be down around 7:45 or 8pm now.  It bothers me for the ability to be out on the weekends for dinner...but your dad is grateful for us to have time before he has to go to bed during the work week.  This means you are usually waking up around 7 now but are still just as patient waiting for me to be ready to get you... letting  me shower and get my breakfast ready before I grab you.

my super cool dude running to Home Depot with me.. sometimes I wear you around so you can get out of the car seat if we are out of the house for a long time.  you seem to appreciate it.
Milestones this month (or I am calling them milestones...) are that you are saying Mamama, Ma, Mama a lot.  Contrary to what you are supposed to be saying first... (dada)... You don't really seem to know that it means anything yet though but it is still super cute.  Although you did say "Maaa!" and slap the phone out of my hand this morning.  You can now roll belly to back and back to belly.  You are also working on sitting up on your own really well.  Although you don't do it very long because it is SO MUCH FUN to fall over.  I also noticed you had located your paci on your own the other morning and put it in by yourself while you were in the crib.  

Outside is still your favorite place to be whether we are going for a walk, laying in the grass, or just sitting on the deck.  We took Lyndsey and Eliza to the zoo a few weeks ago.  You still weren't too impressed with the animals but we had fun anyway.  You were much more impressed by Eliza.

Speaking of which; we had you dedicated at church this past weekend.  You were a ham!  You obviously know your name, because when Pastor Matt called your name, you leaned forward and gave a huge grin!  The whole church was laughing!  And then the rest of the time we were standing on stage, you were doing this:

Because you know who your friend is and you really thought you should be holding hands.  This still amazes me that you all know each other so well, so young!

Gamma and Gwampa stopped in for a visit after the Clemson graduation.
Your favorite thing to do is still jumping.  It makes you so happy!  You jump on me, on your dad, in your jumperoo, in your doorway jumper.  You try to jump while we are standing and holding you.  When you can't jump, you have to stay busy, grabbing and shaking everything you can reach.  When you aren't saying Mama, you still vibrate your lips a lot and have started looking around you going "huh".  Not sure why you make that noise, best I can figure is you just don't like it to be quiet.  You also LOVE to be told how big you are.  It makes you smile a lot.  Everywhere we go, everyone comments on your big blue eyes.  You love flirting with the store clerks, giving them that big coy grin of yours.  You also started laughing this month and are quite ticklish!

you are still my little shopping companion.  You can sit pretty well in these small carts for a little while, but not the bigger grocery store carts.
You are pretty exclusively in 6 month size clothes, though we can put you in some 9 month tshirts or shorts.  We are still cloth diapering most of the time but when we are going to be out of the house for a while, size 2 disposables are what fit now.  You still aren't crawling, just swimming on your belly, but you want to so bad.  Lyndsey said she saw you get mad in the nursery when you saw another baby crawl.   A few nursery workers have given you the nickname Smyles.  That's pretty ok with me :).

my new favorite picture of us
Your hair has almost completely grown back in and it is super light blonde which is why you still look bald in pictures.  We love it!  You are such a handsome, happy kid.  You do cuddle with me a little again.  Not with your dad... as soon as he holds you, you want to play.  But I can still get in some sweet snuggles.  Love you so very much my Mister Big Man.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Once again, it has been quite a while since I last posted... Just not sure what to write about anymore... but then one of my favorite bloggers, Anne, mentioned that she would be doing a "currently" blog link up.  And I thought that would be an easy one to jump on board with.  Except that writing takes time and I used all of mine on the actual day of the link up writing and visiting with out of town guests.

cooking: I may be a bit obsessed with this vinaigrette.  I made my monthly stop at Trader Joe's a couple weeks ago and this was what they were sampling on some shredded cabbage. So I keep buying bags of cabbage and throwing some grilled chicken on there.  Noms.

reading:  The Quarter Acre Farm by Spring Warren.  I borrowed this book from the library last summer... it is hilarious and very helpful with my own gardening trials.  This mom was genius to write a book about turning her small yard into a garden to feed her family for a year.  Even if it meant eating zucchini every meal for weeks.  I didn't finish reading it so picked it up again last week.  

wearing:  Flip-flops.  After being banned from wearing open-toed shoes for the past 4 years because of my lab job, I have having a hard time remembering that it is ok for me to do this now.  Oh how my toes have missed the sun!

loving:  These two ladies.  Meet Lyndsey and Eliza.  It took almost a year, but thanks to the church nursery, I have found a pretty awesome friend that lives really close to us. She has a pretty adorable little girl whom Myles is loving to get to play with each week.  And I finally have someone to enjoy my Dunkin Donuts coffee obsession with.  And she proved herself to be a bit of a yard-saling lucky charm last week.  Pretty stoked about these two!

anticipating:  home-grown tomatoes.  Summer is about the only time that I eat tomatoes... not just because they are expensive at the grocery, but because the ones at the store have  no flavor.  Can't wait for some fresh veggies!