Thursday, May 30, 2013

thankful thursday

blessings beyond measure

A pastor at church challenged us all to write down the blessings the Lord has given us.  I think this is a good time to do that.  I'm sorry for the Debbie Downer post last weekend...

we have had 4 amazing years in Louisville... time that has completely changed the way our relationship works and made some amazing memories with pretty cool people that have influenced our lives exponentially.

we found a church that has challenged everything we ever knew about being Christians; for the first time ever, we have really experienced living in community with other believers.

we have had 4 years of close relationship with my brother; who half the time drove us insane but I am extremely grateful for the time we have had to finally become friends before our lives take us in completely different places.

we have had a pretty nice place to live this whole time with only a few minor quirks to deal with.  A home that allowed us to host small group for almost 2 years (no matter how crowded it may have gotten... no joke... at one point there were 40 people meeting in our little living room.)

our fridge (that we constantly complain about...its tiny and no ice maker like the fridge that was in the apartment they staged for us) has never been close to empty.

we are going to be parents, and according to the doctor this morning I am gaining weight well and have perfect blood pressure...and don't forget the major blessing of no morning sickness!

it took a while for me to get pregnant, all of which time was filled with many life lessons that we needed to learn before it finally happened.

we both have family that love us more than we can understand.

he was Matched into our number one choice for residency.

it only took one trip for us to find the house we are still hoping to move into.

we found a house before the housing market in Greenville exploded...which probably would have made it a lot harder to find a house without competition/in our price.

tomorrow I will have been married to a pretty cool guy for 5 years.

there are so many more but this seems like a pretty good list for now.

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Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today begins the time of boxes.  Living out of them.  The thing I have been trying to avoid so much.  

My parents decided its time to get everything we own and don't HAVE to use, in a box.  So they drove up last night and will be making us work all day to make sure that everything is carefully wrapped in a box.

I'm overwhelmed.  The move.  The baby.  The idea of residency.

We don't even know when we are moving.  But everything will go into a box.

The VA loan fell through.  Long story... which basically comes down to an HPSP student, (military scholarship) while having the "90 days of active duty time" required for a VA loan... does not have the right TYPE of active duty time required for a VA loan.  And so the VA should have never told us (6 weeks ago) that we qualified.

Enter new loan.  More money.  More time.  Praise the Lord for a gracious seller.

We still don't have a closing date set.

We can't book a moving truck.  But our stuff will be packed.

Our monthly payment is a lot more than the VA loan would have been... still manageable... but not what it was going to be.

I'm going to keep working in the meantime... because what else is there to do?

We are both very frustrated right now.  I can't be excited about the move right now when everything is so uncertain.  Why dream about what I'm going to do to the house when it feels like the deal could collapse at any minute?  (Not that there is any reason for it to.. but that's just how it feels after the week we just had.)

And how can I be excited about moving when the house was the main thing I was excited about?  The house was/is going to be my new job.

Because everything else about this move scares me to death.  Yes it is an awesome city.  Yes we will find somewhere to live even if that place is an extended stay hotel.   

But we don't know anyone there.  I'm pregnant with no one around.  No friends (yet).  No family.  And my husband will be a surgery resident intern.  Averaging 80 hours a week, 4 days off per month.  And while the hospital he is working for could potentially be understanding... his particular specialty isn't exactly family friendly like Peds or Emergency Med can be.  Neither of us have ever experienced anything like this before.  Sure med school gives you a taste... a couple of weeks at a time.. but then it is time for a different team, a different schedule, a different rotation.  This is our life for the next 5 years.  And really doesn't get much better afterward... sure more money, but at what cost?

It would just be nice to have the house stuff over with.  So we could get settled into our new surroundings, find a church, meet the neighbors, before our entirely new life starts.  Now its looking like we will be unpacking all these boxes days before it all begins.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ipsy subscriptions are now open!

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night in my sorrow and stress I did a lot of complaining about the house situation.  I'm still not over it but I am trying.

I'm slowly working through the Psalms right now.  Last night after I wrote and posted my Weekend Replay, I read Psalm 23.

1 A psalm of David. The LORD is my shepherd; I have everything I need. 2 He lets me rest in green meadows; he leads me beside peaceful streams. 3 He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name. 4 Even when I walk through the dark valley of death, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me. 5 You prepare a feast for me in the presence of my enemies. You welcome me as a guest, anointing my head with oil. My cup overflows with blessings. 6 Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the LORD forever.

This situation is frustrating.  There is no denying that.  But I don't have to just let it ruin my life.  How blessed am I?!  At the same moment that people were losing EVERYTHING in Oklahoma yesterday, I was (and am) more concerned about getting the house that I want and moving in when I want to.  God doesn't promise me that house.  He doesn't promise me to move in 2 weeks before Kyle starts orientation so that we can relax together.  But he does promise me blessings beyond measure.  A heavenly home with him FOREVER.  Why does that truth never blare in my sight as the reality I face in Christ?  Why is his protection and comfort not enough?


Monday, May 20, 2013

weekend replay : goodbyes and uncertainty

This weekend began the end of our time in Louisville.

Things that happened:

the last time I turned dog sitter for my aunt's friend (yay house money!)

the first time to watch a movie in the new theater they have been building for a while before we move (Star Trek)

last time to browse estate sales in Louisville with my aunt

a going away party hosted by some dear friends from our first year here for us and another couple leaving soon (to go to Morocco)

Unfortunately we are no longer certain as to when our closing/moving is going to happen.  Very unhappy with our current experience with our mortgage group.  We feel like we are babysitting to get anything done.  While we DO have a little time to play with, (we planned on closing the 24th and being in our house on the 3rd but don't have to be out of our apartment until the 7th) the amount of uncertainty with all of it is creating a very uncomfortable state of limbo for me.  The 24th is looking more and more like a fairy tale ending that would have been the perfect time to allow work to be done on the house before moving the furniture in.  The uncertainty with all of it is keeping us from being able to book a moving truck or carpet cleaner (our lease says we have to clean them before we leave).  Both of which are better booked in advance.  And while worrying about this... I keep feeling the weight of how much there is left to do before I leave my job... and seeing as there isn't anyone to replace me or that has ever done what I am doing... it has to be done in the next 2 weeks so my boss can turn it into a paper.  This is exhausting. 

yay donuts.

How is everyone else handling the pre-move stress right now?

Friday, May 17, 2013

things to fill : a shed

The weather is beautiful up here and all I can dream about is when I will have a backyard and plenty of time to use it.  Lawn maintenance, gardening, landscaping are just a few uses for it, but don't forget that the backyard is also a good place to work on projects, paint something, grilling and entertaining.  All of those things require stuff.  And most of that stuff will be stored in our mega shed.  So what do I hope to fill mine with one day?

Weber One-Touch Gold
A grill ASAP.  We have lived in apartments our whole marriage and the one thing (other than an ice maker) we (I) have been dying to have the whole time has been a good grill.  Burgers just don't taste the same in a skillet.

chaise lounge.  You know.... nap time on the deck.  Snack time on the deck.  Sun time on the deck.  Rest on the deck after working in the garden.  This would get all sorts of use from me.  And a second one would allow for Kyle to join me (you know when he might possibly be home)... or a friend... Whenever we make those...

lawn tools.  Mower... weed eater... gardening stuff.  The typical things you would store in a shed.  All of which ought to be easy to use... like a mower that I could start by myself so I don't have to ask the neighbor to turn it on every time I need to mow the lawn.

power tools.  I figure every home needs some good tools... a saw of some sort, a laser level, a jig saw, a nail gun... Who knows when such awesomeness might be needed?  I know I definitely would use a laser level and a palm sander for the types of projects I hope to do.  And since the shed is MASSIVE, it can double as a small work shop if I want it to.  Bonus.

What am I forgetting?  Any suggestions? 

House hunting update:  We have big hopes of closing next Friday so we can do a little to the house over Memorial Weekend, but our loan officer seems to be dragging her feet... we shall see.  Until then... I will continue dreaming.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

photo shoot : siblings part 2

Here is part 2 of the photos I took with my brother and husband.  As I mentioned yesterday, he wanted to do some photos in his uniform but had trouble getting it.  He hadn't bought a new uniform since his freshman year of college.  When he was a stick.  The term high-waters was an excellent description of his pants 5 years later.  Little brother grew up.  And bulked up.
5 years ago.  Stick.
After over a week of trips to 2 different military bases in Ohio and Kentucky, he finally got the uniform put together.  So here is Mother's Day present take 2.
I'm really happy to have both of my guys with me in these pictures.  They have become very close over the years and its going to be hard to have us all together after we move.  They have really become brothers since we got married and I absolutely love it, even though they drive me nuts when they are together.  Number 8 is going to have to be blown up somewhere in our new home.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

photo shoot : siblings part 1

The two weeks leading up to our whirlwind weekend, my brother and I did some secret photo shoots for our mom.  He had the fantastic idea that since we were both leaving the state and country soon we should take pictures together for his commissioning gift to her and our Mother's Day gift.  We wanted to do all of them at once but he had some issues getting his new uniform ordered and tailored.  So one week, with the help of Kyle, we did some plain clothes photos (today's post), and the next week we did the military ones (tomorrow's post).  Kyle made his way into a few of them.  We all took turns using the camera depending on who was in the shot and then I edited.


We had a lot of fun doing these and I will treasure them for a long time.  So glad he had such an awesome idea.  Whats your favorite?  Comments are welcome.  :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

weekend replay : a long one

Just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who stopped by for Medical Monday this past week.  I loved getting comments from you all.  I also apologize for not participating more in your posts... it was a rough week.

It was a bittersweet weekend.  An extra long one actually.  So this will be an extra long post. 

My weekend started Wednesday afternoon. 

Tuesday night Kyle's grandfather passed away.  It was something we were expecting for a while and somewhat of a blessing.  He was really not doing well the last week of his life and was relieved of his suffering.  The visitation was scheduled 4 hours away in TN for Thursday night and the funeral Friday morning at 11am.  This posed a unique issue.  

It was also graduation weekend.  For my husband and brother.  Not only graduation, but Friday afternoon at 2pm was also my brother's commissioning service into the US Air Force.  In Louisville.  Not something I wanted to miss (neither did Kyle) but he needed to decide what he would rather us do. It was his grandfather after all.  (A man I greatly respected and loved.)

So Wednesday afternoon I left work early to make sure we had everything finished before we went out of town... Mother's Day presents... errands to run... because it was about to be a whirlwind.

We left Thursday morning and went straight to TN.  We were able to spend a few hours with Kyle's family before the visitation.  Before we went to the funeral home, my mother in law mentioned my brother's commissioning service and that we were both going to miss it.  I commented that Kyle still hadn't decided what to do.  So she decided right then for us.  We should attend the visitation... we would see everyone there, get to talk and hear stories of Vernon's life, and then we should make it back to Louisville.  It's what Kyle's grandfather would have wanted us to do.  Thank you for making that decision for us.  

Our favorite picture of him from his 80th birthday party last summer.
The visitation was tough.  But we learned some cool stuff about this man.  Everyone he came in contact with in his 80 years was touched by him.  He was such a lovable man.  And he had the greatest laugh.  Also, like most military men, (he served in the Navy), he had a nickname.  Jason.  Makes no sense.  No one that we talked to knows why it was his nickname.  But there was a picture of him with his buddies and all of their caps had their nicknames painted on.  His real name was Vernon Myles Hartley.  Jason.  Interesting.  He volunteered at a lot of community projects.  At the hospital.  Touching lives everywhere.  He loved baseball and hard work.  He loved his shed in the backyard and obsessively fixed anything that was broken. He mowed the little old ladies' lawns in his area.  Above all, he loved the Lord and his family.  I'm glad he was my husband's grandfather.  And I'm glad I was welcomed into the family by him almost 7 years ago.  

We made it back to Kyle's parent's house at about 11pm CT.  We got up at 6:30am the next morning, left the house by 8am and made it to Louisville at 12:30pm ET.  Changed clothes and quickly made it to my brother's commissioning service.  
from our sibling shoot.  more pics to come in a few days.
He had no idea we had decided to come.  I was able to surprise him with a kiss on the cheek.  My little brother's hard work over the past 5 years, the many lessons learned, the close calls with grades, the late nights of working harder than almost every cadet in his detachment, finally paid off.  After a terrible Keynote speaker (who never made a point in his 45 minute speech), an oath, many gifts, some video slide shows; my brother and 3 other young men accepted their positions as 2nd Lieutenants in the US Air Force.  My brother to eventually be a logistics officer in Japan, another to join the security forces in North Dakota, the 3rd to pilot training in Mississippi, and the 4th to join combat systems in Florida. 
Being sworn in by a good family friend and mentor.

Friday night was ended by a big party at a local restaurant across the river.  It had a beautiful night view of the Louisville skyline.  Many of my brother's friends showed up and the out of town guests that came from across the country to celebrate with us.  


My brother decided not to walk in his graduation Saturday morning.  He didn't really care to (they don't get individually recognized, there are so many people) especially after the 2.5 hour commissioning ceremony we had all just been there for.  So we slept in a bit, grabbed some lunch and waited for Kyle's parents to make it up here for his graduation that afternoon.  My husband is now officially a doctor.  It has been a long road getting here, but a long road that now feels like happened in a heartbeat.  Congratulations to all the students who are about to begin their Residency journeys.

3 weeks to our moving date and the beginning of a whole new adventure.

Monday, May 6, 2013

well whadya know?!

Its Medical Monday Ya'll!  I didn't have the heart to cover up this post with something new just yet so here ya go!  

If you have never participated in Medical Monday, it is the first Monday of every month and for anyone connected to the Medical life in any way shape or form.  Great way to meet similar people dealing with similar crazy ways of life.

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This is the big announcement post.  I love how my mentor from college put it in an email to me:

"Obviously I was remiss in your education and did not convey to you that you don’t have to do everything all at once:  graduate, move, buy a house, have a baby."

Oh yes.  You read that right.  

Because moving out of state 7 hours from anyone we know, buying our house, and Kyle becoming a doctor just wasn't enough.  We might as well complete all of the tasks of becoming real adults all at the same time.  We are going to have a baby.  God help us.

We are SO excited.  It has been a long road that only a select few knew about.  
Little bro took this shot :)  Good job Lucas!
My mentor was right.  This is a lot happening all at once.  And its scary.  But this wasn't our original plan.   The plan had been to have this happen at least a year ago.  You know.. so we would be somewhat used to being parents before Residency.  But God had other things in mind.  Lots of lessons to learn.  To really prepare us and shape us to know that this is really something we truly desire.  Not something we are doing to make our families happy.  Not something I am doing to make my husband happy.  Not a role to fulfill.  But what WE want for our life.  Sure the timing isn't fantastic, but it is perfect all at the same time.


How far along?  12 weeks and some change.

Due Date?  as of now it is Nov 13th

When did we find out?  At about 4 weeks.  The week before the Match.  Imagine that anxiety people. 

How do I feel?  Pretty normal (PRAISE GOD).  I'm generally hungry all the time.  Early on I was a little more tired than usual and had some not-so-fun cramps but those are mostly gone.  I have to watch being on my feet for too long.

Am I showing?  I can tell a difference but I don't think its obvious.  Soon. I could while laying flat in bed yesterday.  Kinda freaked me out.  Just all of a sudden there was a very noticeable bump.  That wasn't noticeable when I stood up.  Or any other time that I have been on my back since then.

Cravings?  Nothing I can pin point... I think I just crave everything I see.  Driving down the road... ooh Panera sounds good, or Taco Bell sounds good, or the pasta I just saw on Instagram looked good.  But really I've always been like that lol.  I do really enjoy McDonalds McDouble (no ketchup) about once a week.  

I don't know what else to tell you...  My first doctor's appointment was a bit odd... I'm such a bad pregnant person.  (Don't worry, I'm a great pregnant person about taking care of myself... but you will see..)

Dr. P:  So what have you been reading?

Me:  Um. Nothing.
Dr. P:  O.K.  Well most women like to read "What to Expect When you are Expecting"
Me:  Oh O.K.
Dr. P:  Or some people like
Me:  I have the app on my phone.  (that I occasionally look at).
Dr. P:  What kind of exercising do you do?
Me: Um.  I walk to my car?
Dr. P:  You might want to look into yoga.
Dr. P:  Do you have any questions?
Me: (fumbling in my head... I was so not prepared for the Spanish Inquisition I walked into)  No.
Dr. P:  Ok well write any questions that come to mind down in a notebook for next time.

(The above commentary is only a snippet and does not mean my Dr. is weird or I hate her or anything of the sort.  I LOVE her and hate to be leaving her to have to find another in the middle of all this)

Kyle has bought me the book.  I haven't opened it.  Kyle bought me a fitness DVD.  Its cardio.  I did a little bit of it this weekend.  I about died.  And could barely move my legs for 3 days.  I'm so out of shape.  (I didn't overdo it... I am very careful about taking breaks... I'm just that insanely pitiful)

This has partly been the reason for my lessened amount of postings the past several weeks.  What do you talk about when this is all there really is to talk about but you aren't ready to talk about it yet?  We've been busy thinking about the move and such so I haven't had time to do any awesome recipes or photography... But I think about this often.

So here's Baby C. at 8 weeks.  Head is down, there are little arm buds sticking out. 

Heck of an adventure ahead.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for:

smoothies.  We finally have some wonderfully warm beautiful weather outside so this week I have switched my eggs and toast breakfast to a nice cold smoothie.  They have been so refreshing.  Perfect way to start my mornings, light but filling.  They have all included greek yogurt, milk, peanut butter, and two types of frozen fruit.  YUM.

DRGs.  I know this one is weird.  That stands for dorsal root ganglion.  They are part of my work.  I work in a research lab looking at spinal cord injuries and that means I have to do dissections.  Which used to just mean simple, can see it with the naked eye thing.  But in the past year or so I have been dealing with a love/hate relationship with DRGs.  Of a mouse.  Which means break out the mega microscope and fine tipped utensils and dig around for something the size of a pencil lead. Or a comma.  yeah. tiny.
yeah, I'm awesome. toot toot
I thought I was done with them.  But my boss proved that theory wrong.  Right now they are both a feeling of accomplishment and a "in 3 weeks I never have to do this again" type of feeling.  Both of which I feel like are a good thing right now.
image source
a good seller.  The person we are buying our house from is also a realtor.  She bought this house to flip it.  Which means it is pretty much move-in ready.  But there were a few issues with it at the inspection... the main one that had us freaking out was a leak in the bathroom from a cracked pipe.  So we submitted our list last Thursday for requested repairs.  And lo and behold, she agreed to practically everything on the list.  Big.Sigh.of.Relief. 

So what are you thankful for this week?

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