Thursday, May 16, 2013

photo shoot : siblings part 2

Here is part 2 of the photos I took with my brother and husband.  As I mentioned yesterday, he wanted to do some photos in his uniform but had trouble getting it.  He hadn't bought a new uniform since his freshman year of college.  When he was a stick.  The term high-waters was an excellent description of his pants 5 years later.  Little brother grew up.  And bulked up.
5 years ago.  Stick.
After over a week of trips to 2 different military bases in Ohio and Kentucky, he finally got the uniform put together.  So here is Mother's Day present take 2.
I'm really happy to have both of my guys with me in these pictures.  They have become very close over the years and its going to be hard to have us all together after we move.  They have really become brothers since we got married and I absolutely love it, even though they drive me nuts when they are together.  Number 8 is going to have to be blown up somewhere in our new home.

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