Thursday, September 26, 2013

thankful thursday

It has been a while since I wrote a Thankful Thursday post.  And I hate that.  I read a blog post the other day about finding the flowers instead of the weeds (you know... like dandelions make people mad because they are weeds but to a kid its a pretty flower).  That sort of perspective on life.  It reminded me that I have stopped remembering what I am thankful for lately.  So here we go.

friendship.  I am incredibly grateful for having found some friends down here.  It has made this whole move easier knowing that there are a couple people I can depend on if I really need some help.  Not only that, but some of these people pursue me.  That is so refreshing.  I'm usually the one having to instigate conversations/plans, but its been really nice to have a few girls checking in on me through the week... and inviting me out.

rest.  Now this is a flower from a weed.  I'm still recouping from pushing my body too far this weekend.  I'm really uncomfortable when I walk around but it is getting better everyday.  I have gone out a little but only for dinner (sitting) and I spent time with a friend at her house last night (more sitting).  It is good to rest.  The worst of the projects are finished in the house so all that is left is simple crafty things that I can do while laying in bed.  

this blog.  This is officially my 100th post on the blog.  It has been a process figuring out what I want this to be.  I'm never 100% satisfied with the direction I have gone with it but right now it works.  It has been a good outlet for thoughts, and an even better way of updating everyone back home on how our life down here is going.  No matter what... it makes me think.  And that is a blessing in itself.  

So what are you thankful for this week?

As usual I am linking up with Julia at BlackTagDiaries.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"guess what day it is"

Happy Hump Day ya'll.  Today's Hump Day post is all about a different hump.

The bump.

You see... I posted 2 weeks ago, the first picture I had taken in a while of the belly.  And I was quickly told that the picture wasn't doing it justice.  Something I knew... but I used the photo anyway because Kyle was kind enough to have snapped it with my phone before collapsing on the couch.  So I thought now that I am pretty deep into the third trimester, I would do a pregnancy post.  So I wore an actual maternity shirt (part of the problem with the picture last time since a stretched out tank kinda changes the shape of things) and had Kyle take a new photo that did this thing justice.

And there it is.  In all of its uncomfortable glory.  It kinda freaks me out because for the first time... the picture makes it look bigger than I feel.  And I feel pretty big.  According to the pregnancy app on my phone... this week Myles should be the size of a pineapple.  (Last week was a jicama... who comes up with this stuff?)  I thought I would have a little bit of an outline for sharing where I am with the pregnancy so far. 

So at 33 weeks... this is whats up:

last doctor's appointment?  At 32 weeks.  I hadn't gained any weight in two weeks, fine by me.  The doctor said I'm measuring the right size, my weight gain is on track, and his heart rate is perfect.  So far so good.  I see a doctor every 2 weeks, but I think after this next one I switch to weekly appointments.

sleep?  Sleeping about how I have always slept pregnant or not... wake up every time I want to roll over, or at any loud noise.  Thankfully his rolling around in there hasn't woken me up yet.  Unfortunately I have woken up sweating a few times...but that might be the new duvet's fault.  I can't sleep past 7:30 though no matter what time I go to bed.

discomforts?  Heartburn.  Mostly in the evening... probably because I am more likely to lay down pretty soon after eating.  The new thing is round ligament issues.  Not just quick pains because I moved too quickly... these things are hurting for days on end.  Because I didn't slow down when I should have and probably strained everything.  Because I have been able to do whatever I wanted to this whole pregnancy.  So now I'm resting this week because of it.  Mentally this is the most frustrating thing so far.  But I have been pretty blessed the whole time with no major complaints so I guess I will just have to get over it.  Oh and my sacrum got all out of whack the other night...thankfully there is a Chiro in the family and she was able to help me out with some pointers so that I could fix it and walk without excruciating pain (legs up and an ice pack).  

movement?  He moves all the time.  My belly goes nuts all day long with him moving around.  It has been cool that the doctor has told me what way he is turned (head down, back along my left side, feet towards my right ribs) so I can sort of imagine what each movement is.  He seems to like to prop a foot on a rib and tap on it (not cool).

maternity clothes?  Whenever I go out of the house... yes.  I have a few clothing items I wear all the time.  Inside the house... leggings or pajama pants are the way to go with a T-shirt or stretchy tank top.  

stretch marks?  None that I can see.  No I have not been using cocoa butter.  That stuff is expensive.  I bought a jar of coconut oil at Trader Joe's way before I got pregnant to use on my face and just started using it on my belly once I got pregnant.  It is a fantastic moisturizer (I use way less than regular lotion) and I still have over 1/3 of the jar left... (which was only like $6).  I just put it on after my shower and sometimes before bed... I read the main thing with stretch marks is just to stay moisturized so I don't really think it matters what you use.

cravings?  Nothing I can't live without.  I'm back to a more normal (pre-pregnancy type) desire for random stuff... The one really weird thing that I look for whenever I go to the store is Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.  I hate Diet soda.  Or diet anything.  But I had that a while back because my grandmother left it in my fridge, and lately it sounds good.  But I'm not heartbroken that I can't find it anywhere (I can but I'm not going to buy an entire 12 pack of it).

aversions?  nope.  give me food.

strangers?  They are starting to ask about the pregnancy.... how far along? Is it your first? Do you know what you are having?  So far no one has tried to touch the belly other than friends (I might punch a stranger).  I do get a few glares when I'm out shopping.  I don't think the guys at Home Depot know what to think of me.  

favorite thing so far?  The non-uncomfortable movements he makes.  Its fun to watch my belly move everywhere.  As long as he stays away from my bladder and ribs, its pretty cool.

to do?  A little crafting/decorating left for the nursery.  Buy the big stuff that we didn't get at the showers (just patiently waiting to see if there are any sales since we have a little time left).  Find a pediatrician.  Take a tour of the labor and delivery hall.  Make a birth plan.  Freezer cooking.

fears?  Normal nervousness about labor and all the things that could go wrong.  But I'm more fixated on how I will get to the hospital since odds are against me that Kyle will not be with me when I go into labor.  Of course I have a few friends I can call but that doesn't take the nervousness away.  That he will come really early...and have health issues to deal with.  That he will come late and Kyle's week of vacation will be over.

Please Myles, make your debut like the week before your daddy's vacation, or on the first day of it so he can enjoy every minute possible with you.  He has wanted you for such a very very long time.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

social life and progress.

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with the residency moms for another play-date.  As I mentioned before, we took their kids to Snow Fest at the local ice rink about 2 miles from my house.  I think they had a lot of fun!  There was bouncing, snow ball throwing, and a train ride!  I can't wait until Myles is able to join the mix, but until then I had fun capturing the festivities :-).

The rest of the afternoon I spent shopping around town for the last few things to be able to actually work on my long list of projects.  I finally found a great $1 piece of reclaimed wood from Habitat's ReStore, so I hit Home Depot for brackets to build a 5ft long shelf on Myles' wall for about $7.  While over that way, a local fabric store was having a 50% off sale, so I also found some fabric to line the back of the bookcase I am using to store baby things in Myles' closet.  Grabbing staples from Target allowed me to also finish some display frames for another decoration idea for the baby room.  Now that the shelf is hung, I will be able to finally decorate a bit this week!

It feels really good to get that stuff off of my list.  Kyle's parents came in this weekend as well so they were able to knock off another thing from the list for me!  My laundry room is no longer beige!  I hope to post more on that later.  We had a busy weekend and I am whooped.  I'm really starting to realize just how much I HAVE to slow down.. my body just can't take my normal pace anymore.  

So how about you?  Did you get any projects completed over the weekend?  It feels great doesn't it?!

Friday, September 20, 2013

five on friday


Been busy this week getting some chores done around the house and running errands.  Kyle's parents are coming in this weekend to bring us some of the stuff from the baby showers and spend time with us before Myles makes his debut.   I had intended to be a little better about getting a little of my long project list done this week but every time I would go to start one, I would realize I would be missing a key component (I finished painting display frames but then realized my new staple gun didn't come with staples to attach the fabric backing...).  So other than unfinished projects... what else has been on my mind?


pumkin pie sauce.  Once I realized that it was pumpkin latte season... I started looking to be able to make my own.  Apparently this is probably my best option... unfortunately the only way for me to get it is to order online.  I have looked everywhere and the closest thing I can find is sugar free.  Gross.  I have attempted to make my own but just really not impressed.  At least World Market will sell it with free shipping...


night float.  Kyle only has one week left of Critical Care... its been an okay rotation... Not fantastic but not terrible.  Next up for the month of October... Night Float.  It sounds like he has a few different services that he looks in on/covers each night... will take the  night traumas that come in.  I'm not thrilled.  It sounds like it is a pretty demanding rotation time wise... home just enough time to get some sleep before he goes back in.  Looks like a lot more bathroom dates are in our future (=I sit in the bathroom while he gets ready for bed so that we can have a minute to talk).  Not my ideal way of spending our last month of non-parenthood.  At least the weekends seem like they might not be unbearable.


the nursery.  My wheels are always turning on how to finish it... I need to figure out shelving.  I think I'm chickening out... I just can't decide what will look the best in there.  I can't put anything on the walls (i.e. decorate at all) without getting the shelves figured out.  Do I just want one long shelf?  A few staggered short ones?  A few short ones on different walls?  Reclaimed wood, new and painted, or unique metal something from the consignment store?  Decorative brackets, industrial metal L-brackets or floating?  I need to get this figured out... 


bbq.  There is a BBQ cook off this weekend in the southern part of the county.  I would love to go... unfortunately the weather is not looking to participate.  We have had weeks of sunshine, and suddenly when my in-laws are coming to town, it is supposed to rain.  Fortunately...there is also a BBQ place that we drive past all the time that is ALWAYS packed.  So we might just have a very good back-up plan.  


plans.  I feel like I have been a hermit lately... and had just been wondering when the moms group might do another play date when one of them messaged me about one.  And man when it rains... it pours.  Shortly after making play date plans for today (we are taking the kids to the local ice rink for Snow Fest), I also received an email about the resident wives' monthly dinner being next monday (at Chuy's!!!!), and an invite to a Thirty-One party next Thursday while the residents have their monthly journal club meeting.  It is going to be a busy week of social activities but I am so thankful for this time to make friends while I can focus on those relationships... you know... before my life is consumed for a while with a newborn.

Monday, September 16, 2013

weekend replay

Not much for a weekend replay... Kyle was on night float this weekend, but now is back to his normal day schedule.  I made a few more mental plans for projects this weekend, and got a few more thank you notes written.  I also managed to send Kyle to work with some cupcakes on Saturday.

The highlight of my weekend was working on this thing.  Look around... a lot changed over the weekend.  I tried cleaning things up a bit.  Made my writing space larger so my photos can be loaded in a larger size when I want them to be.  There are now pages found up above here to take the place of the jumbled mess that used to be the right side...with additional information.  There will be pics of the cats eventually...when I can catch the two of them together on something other than the brown couch that one of them blends into.  All in is a work in progress but I feel pretty good about it so far.  

So what do you think?  Any and all criticism/comments welcome on the new layout.  Any advice?  Something you would like to see?

Thanks to Anne-inresidence for her amateur blogging tips, I mostly used parts 1 (the basics) and 2 (helpful resources) to get me through some rough spots.  I also relied heavily on SomethingSwanky for her incredible how-to on designing your own background using PicMonkey.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

five on friday


So whats on my mind this week?


progress.  I started this project a month ago when my brother was visiting us.  This was once an old oak cabinet... the bottom of my grandparent's old hutch.  It was our hutch for the past 4 years, and it just wasn't for me.  I wanted to get rid of it before the move but decided I could at least use the cabinet.  So I painted it blue, changed out the knobs, and will eventually put a changing pad on top as Myles' changing table.  Just need to fill up the bottom with some cloth diapers (not your grandma's version), lots of wipes, and find a cute wet bag (I like meadow tweets or silver scroll) to attach to the side and this baby will be ready to use... for the baby. 


image source
shelving.  Myles' room needs a shelf in it... to be able to display some fun antique toys, and for holding stuff I'm using at the moment.  I'm thinking something rustic like these.  Simple but with a little character.  Maybe done a little differently...but still just some reclaimed wood and a few metal brackets.


this blog.  I'm hoping to make some changes in the coming weeks (as if I needed any more projects).  Just polish it a bit... We'll see how that idea goes.


my cats.  They provide tons of entertainment through the day.  They just make me so happy.  Every morning Remi walks around crying... he wants attention but won't come to me for a while... I think he is looking for Kyle.  Zoe is quite the cuddler when I'm on the couch... either directly on me or sitting above my shoulder, ready to try to get what I'm eating out of my hand or just purring with her paw on my arm.  Remi loves to watch us get ready in the mornings.  This weekend while Kyle was off was awesome... Kyle was in our bathroom getting ready with Remi staring at him the whole time, as soon as Kyle finished up at the sink, Remi promptly came to the hall bathroom where I was putting on makeup and hopped up on the toilet to watch.  And then there is the wrestling... which was about to go down when I snapped that photo.  They are pros.  


the belly.  I haven't posted a photo in a while... and I really don't think this one is doing it justice.  I think I subconsciously tighten my abs when the camera is pointing at me and it distorts the true size/shape... because it looks bigger than that.  Reminder: I'm 31 weeks.  I'm definitely glad for actual maternity jeans and shirts now.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

thankful thursday : ky trip home

I'm sure you all remember that I went back to KY recently for baby showers.  I was able to spend about a week at my parent's house, and it was fantastic.  So this Thankful Thursday is all about my trip home.  Because while I am very thankful to now be home with Kyle, I was very thankful for my time in Western KY.  It was full of time to relax, good food, and lots of presents!

Photo explanations in order: Breezy Hill for lunch with the boys; lots of pool time; shower #1 from my side of the family (hosted by women that are just like family) presents were put in the cradle my dad made; decorations from shower #1 (vintage themed); shower #2 from Kyle's side (hosted by his sister and church); handmade cookies by a church member (who also did the cake and hand decorated homemade mints); presents from Kyle's grandmother who just passed away (she purchased these things right before she went to the hospital); Kobe man; dad and Tom fired up the pit for Labor Day (amazing).

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

a golden weekend (weekend replay)

This past weekend was Kyle's first days off in 19 days.  He is a trooper.  We both needed some time together really bad.  

Friday he texted me and asked "want to do something fun tonight?".

Yes please.

He offered no suggestion... so I made plans.  He got home and we ate dinner together, and then headed to the east end of town with the idea being to go play mini golf.  We haven't played in a really long time... and usually its his idea.

But first... since we were on that side of town... I wanted to take advantage of being over at Off Broadway Shoes... because I wanted/needed some new tennis shoes!  I knew as soon as I got out of the car... we probably wouldn't be going to play mini golf.  I just felt really crappy.  I toughed it out to browse the shoes but then I told Kyle we just needed to go home.  So we grabbed Blizzards and watched a movie on the couch instead.  

I was really bummed... I really really really needed time away from the couch.  That is really all we do... but what else is there when he gets home 2 hours before he needs to be in bed and has been at work the past 15 hours?

Saturday I asked him to get out of bed around 8:00 so we could have some breakfast together before I met Aly at the Indie Craft Parade downtown.  And he did!  

The craft show was pretty great.  Some affordable things mixed with some really high end items.  I walked away with a gift for a friend and two paper items to eventually hang in the house.  And to top it off... I ran into our Realtor Margie!  First time we have seen each other since we closed on the house!  

I got home around noon, Kyle and I ate some lunch, and then he was ready to get out of the house.  So we headed back to the east end and went straight to Frankie's Fun Park for that mini golf.  It was the hottest part of the day... and there was very little shade.  It was borderline miserable for my pregnant self but we did manage to have a lot of fun!  And he beat me by a lot.

I still managed to end up dragging him back to the shoe store... where he picked out my new shoes :).  I'm sort of in love with them.  He also was drug to Babies-R-Us to take back a few duplicates from the shower.

THEN he wanted to eat out.  We were headed to a chinese bistro when he found a Korean BBQ place with great reviews.  A little hole in the wall connected to a gas station.  It was DELICIOUS.

He gave me all of Saturday.  So I gave him all of Sunday.  We rushed home after church and he watched football... with the added treat of the Titans winning!

It was a fantastic date day on Saturday.  It was so good to just have fun with him all afternoon and not worry about cleaning anything or working on any projects.  This weekend I was reminded how blessed I am to have the husband that I do.  He may not be around much, but he is really trying hard to BE there with me when he is.

Today I am linking up with my friend Beth Ann over at My Life More Abundant. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

a beautiful day to fly

or just watch planes.

I met up with a few lovely ladies yesterday for lunch at the Runway Cafe.  And got to enjoy time with their adorable kiddos.  Thats right.  I'm making friends with the moms club of surgery residents.  Here's a few shots I got of Elizabeth's kiddos.  Three year old Jackson and his baby sister Isabella.

Is she not just the cutest thing in the world?!
A few of Lizzie and Ella.  That girl was really into the airplanes!

Oh and there were airplanes too :)  

The weather could not have been any better.  Can't wait for the next outing!

Friday, September 6, 2013

five on friday


I've been recouping from the past week of time at home.  It was relaxing and exhausting all at the same time.  I went non-stop... but I also didn't have to worry about anything.  It makes sense in my head.

Suffice it to say... the blog has been on the back-burner while I have vegged out on the couch... read a book in two days... and did minimal work around the house.  That changes today.  I am about to be busy for the next few days.  It is Kyle's weekend off.

Well its Friday so I will be participating in the 5 on friday link up again... write about any 5 things you are thinking about/things that are making you happy... whatever.  Five is the magic number.


baby showers.  Our amazing family and friends held two baby showers last weekend back in KY for us.  The turnout of people and love that was shared was really overwhelming.  And the homemade desserts were to die for.  I wish I could replay the whole weekend full of amazing cupcakes and intricately decorated cookies and candies that we enjoyed.  Oh and the presents.  Presents are fun too ;-).  Myles is one lucky kiddo to have so much love waiting for him back in KY.


thank you notes.  I will be starting out my day at a coffee shop or something in order to get away from the distractions at home so I can focus on the long list of thank you's that need to be written.  Will I get them all done today?  Heck no.  But it will be a start.


lunch with strangers.  Before I flew back to KY, I contacted one of the resident wives... Kyle had just worked with her husband on Peds all of August.  She got me onto a contact list of other wives for monthly dinners... which I had to miss while I was away... but she also meets with a few other moms for occasional lunches/play dates so they have invited me to lunch today.  It should be interesting... I'm excited to start making some friends that have kids, and the place we are going sounds pretty neat... its the Runway Cafe... next to the small airport to watch the planes come and go while we eat.  


projects.  There is a long list still.  Some I have started or bought materials for, others that I would rather be working on but refuse to buy things for until the other projects are done.  Either way... I feel stuck.  There just isn't much motivation except for the constant timeclock that is running down in my head to the day Myles makes his debut and takes all of my free time away.  Nothing is getting done and it is frustrating. 


blogging.  This is part of number four I suppose... I really wish I was being more consistent with writing on here.  I do enjoy it.  I'm sort of beating myself up for not posting about any of the updates we have done around the house.  But I feel like all of the things I have worked on still need those finishing touches before I am ready to share.  Have I mentioned lately how much I have issues with finishing things?  

I'm a little stressed out.  The whole realizing that my due date is in 10 weeks has not helped that fact.  Nor the thought that he could easily come earlier.  Or later... which produces a whole extra round of issues.  Thankfully tomorrow is Kyle's final day of his 19 day stretch without a day off.  While a few things are planned for the weekend, I hope we can just enjoy each other and relax.  We both need it.

Monday, September 2, 2013

medical monday : a debate

Sorry for my long absence on here... I have been gently "fussed" at for the past few days from people back here in KY who have been looking for a new post everyday. Haven't you all noticed yet that I don't write much when I am away?  I'm sort of busy with baby showers, family time, and soaking up this little slice of heaven:

But I did want to be sure to participate in today's Medical Monday link-up!  So I sit here on my parent's deck and recount a subject I thought about in the middle of the night last week, to see what you all think about it.

I also want to put out the disclaimer that Kyle and I have not discussed this at all, he will be reading my thoughts about it for the first time just like any of you. He has not mentioned anything near this is purely my own thoughts from a sleepless night.

Backstory: Kyle just finished up his Peds rotation, and the whole month he has been hoping that a sweet 3 year old girl would too. Not just because she was sweet, but because he wanted so badly to send her home before her birthday.  He got attached.  He got a bit down early last week because it looked like it wouldn't happen, but now thinks she may get to go home on her birthday exactly.

Which got me thinking at about 2 am one night, what is the appropriateness of a doctor giving a patient (I was really only thinking about Peds and will continue this post only thinking about Peds) a present? I do feel like it is a completely bad idea for a new resident to do something like that... But what about his superiors, or he himself in a few years? Would it be wrong to give a 3 year old little girl who is nervous of doctors and has been stuck in the hospital for the past month, a little birthday present? Nothing extravagant... Even if the doctor kept several little things to slip his special cases on occasion... A hot wheels car or a simple little beaded bracelet?

There is a lot of educational material/guidelines on the web about doctors accepting gifts from patients.. But I couldn't find anything about the reverse situation.  Which is why I am asking you... Wives of residents, doctors yourselves, fellow medical life people of some sort... What do you think?

Is it inappropriate for a doctor to try to cheer up a long term patient with a little token of acknowledgment?  Slip a kid a little something special just to say "I hate that you have to be here too but maybe this will make you smile today." Because we know our doctor husbands/wives/friends/etc. are not drones.  Sometimes they may seem that way because they are tired and just want to take care of the patient that they will never see again as quickly as possible.  But a lot of times there are repeat customers that they become attached to.  That they "bring home" frequently. And sometimes it isn't enough to just want to make them better... Sometimes you just want to make a little girl smile.