Friday, September 13, 2013

five on friday


So whats on my mind this week?


progress.  I started this project a month ago when my brother was visiting us.  This was once an old oak cabinet... the bottom of my grandparent's old hutch.  It was our hutch for the past 4 years, and it just wasn't for me.  I wanted to get rid of it before the move but decided I could at least use the cabinet.  So I painted it blue, changed out the knobs, and will eventually put a changing pad on top as Myles' changing table.  Just need to fill up the bottom with some cloth diapers (not your grandma's version), lots of wipes, and find a cute wet bag (I like meadow tweets or silver scroll) to attach to the side and this baby will be ready to use... for the baby. 


image source
shelving.  Myles' room needs a shelf in it... to be able to display some fun antique toys, and for holding stuff I'm using at the moment.  I'm thinking something rustic like these.  Simple but with a little character.  Maybe done a little differently...but still just some reclaimed wood and a few metal brackets.


this blog.  I'm hoping to make some changes in the coming weeks (as if I needed any more projects).  Just polish it a bit... We'll see how that idea goes.


my cats.  They provide tons of entertainment through the day.  They just make me so happy.  Every morning Remi walks around crying... he wants attention but won't come to me for a while... I think he is looking for Kyle.  Zoe is quite the cuddler when I'm on the couch... either directly on me or sitting above my shoulder, ready to try to get what I'm eating out of my hand or just purring with her paw on my arm.  Remi loves to watch us get ready in the mornings.  This weekend while Kyle was off was awesome... Kyle was in our bathroom getting ready with Remi staring at him the whole time, as soon as Kyle finished up at the sink, Remi promptly came to the hall bathroom where I was putting on makeup and hopped up on the toilet to watch.  And then there is the wrestling... which was about to go down when I snapped that photo.  They are pros.  


the belly.  I haven't posted a photo in a while... and I really don't think this one is doing it justice.  I think I subconsciously tighten my abs when the camera is pointing at me and it distorts the true size/shape... because it looks bigger than that.  Reminder: I'm 31 weeks.  I'm definitely glad for actual maternity jeans and shirts now.

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  1. Eep! You're cloth diapering? I love you already! Haha :) That's another thing I'm looking forward to in our new home - getting back to cloth! We used them in our old house, but our parents' laundry machines won't accommodate cloth(no cycles long/hot enough), so we've had to use disposables while we're here. Talk about a money suck!

    You look adorable - so tiny at 31 weeks! My big self is jealous ;-)


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