Friday, September 6, 2013

five on friday


I've been recouping from the past week of time at home.  It was relaxing and exhausting all at the same time.  I went non-stop... but I also didn't have to worry about anything.  It makes sense in my head.

Suffice it to say... the blog has been on the back-burner while I have vegged out on the couch... read a book in two days... and did minimal work around the house.  That changes today.  I am about to be busy for the next few days.  It is Kyle's weekend off.

Well its Friday so I will be participating in the 5 on friday link up again... write about any 5 things you are thinking about/things that are making you happy... whatever.  Five is the magic number.


baby showers.  Our amazing family and friends held two baby showers last weekend back in KY for us.  The turnout of people and love that was shared was really overwhelming.  And the homemade desserts were to die for.  I wish I could replay the whole weekend full of amazing cupcakes and intricately decorated cookies and candies that we enjoyed.  Oh and the presents.  Presents are fun too ;-).  Myles is one lucky kiddo to have so much love waiting for him back in KY.


thank you notes.  I will be starting out my day at a coffee shop or something in order to get away from the distractions at home so I can focus on the long list of thank you's that need to be written.  Will I get them all done today?  Heck no.  But it will be a start.


lunch with strangers.  Before I flew back to KY, I contacted one of the resident wives... Kyle had just worked with her husband on Peds all of August.  She got me onto a contact list of other wives for monthly dinners... which I had to miss while I was away... but she also meets with a few other moms for occasional lunches/play dates so they have invited me to lunch today.  It should be interesting... I'm excited to start making some friends that have kids, and the place we are going sounds pretty neat... its the Runway Cafe... next to the small airport to watch the planes come and go while we eat.  


projects.  There is a long list still.  Some I have started or bought materials for, others that I would rather be working on but refuse to buy things for until the other projects are done.  Either way... I feel stuck.  There just isn't much motivation except for the constant timeclock that is running down in my head to the day Myles makes his debut and takes all of my free time away.  Nothing is getting done and it is frustrating. 


blogging.  This is part of number four I suppose... I really wish I was being more consistent with writing on here.  I do enjoy it.  I'm sort of beating myself up for not posting about any of the updates we have done around the house.  But I feel like all of the things I have worked on still need those finishing touches before I am ready to share.  Have I mentioned lately how much I have issues with finishing things?  

I'm a little stressed out.  The whole realizing that my due date is in 10 weeks has not helped that fact.  Nor the thought that he could easily come earlier.  Or later... which produces a whole extra round of issues.  Thankfully tomorrow is Kyle's final day of his 19 day stretch without a day off.  While a few things are planned for the weekend, I hope we can just enjoy each other and relax.  We both need it.

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  1. Hi there..i came from Darci's blog (5 on Friday), and you are my LU neighbour:) I like to try to visit my neighbs on the blogs I LU with. I love your blog...I will add it to my list of blogs I follow. Happy Friday! I love your list,btw:)


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