Thursday, September 12, 2013

thankful thursday : ky trip home

I'm sure you all remember that I went back to KY recently for baby showers.  I was able to spend about a week at my parent's house, and it was fantastic.  So this Thankful Thursday is all about my trip home.  Because while I am very thankful to now be home with Kyle, I was very thankful for my time in Western KY.  It was full of time to relax, good food, and lots of presents!

Photo explanations in order: Breezy Hill for lunch with the boys; lots of pool time; shower #1 from my side of the family (hosted by women that are just like family) presents were put in the cradle my dad made; decorations from shower #1 (vintage themed); shower #2 from Kyle's side (hosted by his sister and church); handmade cookies by a church member (who also did the cake and hand decorated homemade mints); presents from Kyle's grandmother who just passed away (she purchased these things right before she went to the hospital); Kobe man; dad and Tom fired up the pit for Labor Day (amazing).

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  1. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I hope that you have a great experience. Weren't your baby showers so much fun?

  2. It's always wonderful to go home again. Your cake was beautiful. I wish you a happy and healthy L&D.


  3. It looks like such a fun shower! I'm sure your family loved seeing you and visiting with you. The pool looks so inviting! It's probably where I would have spent the entire day!


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