Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"guess what day it is"

Happy Hump Day ya'll.  Today's Hump Day post is all about a different hump.

The bump.

You see... I posted 2 weeks ago, the first picture I had taken in a while of the belly.  And I was quickly told that the picture wasn't doing it justice.  Something I knew... but I used the photo anyway because Kyle was kind enough to have snapped it with my phone before collapsing on the couch.  So I thought now that I am pretty deep into the third trimester, I would do a pregnancy post.  So I wore an actual maternity shirt (part of the problem with the picture last time since a stretched out tank kinda changes the shape of things) and had Kyle take a new photo that did this thing justice.

And there it is.  In all of its uncomfortable glory.  It kinda freaks me out because for the first time... the picture makes it look bigger than I feel.  And I feel pretty big.  According to the pregnancy app on my phone... this week Myles should be the size of a pineapple.  (Last week was a jicama... who comes up with this stuff?)  I thought I would have a little bit of an outline for sharing where I am with the pregnancy so far. 

So at 33 weeks... this is whats up:

last doctor's appointment?  At 32 weeks.  I hadn't gained any weight in two weeks, fine by me.  The doctor said I'm measuring the right size, my weight gain is on track, and his heart rate is perfect.  So far so good.  I see a doctor every 2 weeks, but I think after this next one I switch to weekly appointments.

sleep?  Sleeping about how I have always slept pregnant or not... wake up every time I want to roll over, or at any loud noise.  Thankfully his rolling around in there hasn't woken me up yet.  Unfortunately I have woken up sweating a few times...but that might be the new duvet's fault.  I can't sleep past 7:30 though no matter what time I go to bed.

discomforts?  Heartburn.  Mostly in the evening... probably because I am more likely to lay down pretty soon after eating.  The new thing is round ligament issues.  Not just quick pains because I moved too quickly... these things are hurting for days on end.  Because I didn't slow down when I should have and probably strained everything.  Because I have been able to do whatever I wanted to this whole pregnancy.  So now I'm resting this week because of it.  Mentally this is the most frustrating thing so far.  But I have been pretty blessed the whole time with no major complaints so I guess I will just have to get over it.  Oh and my sacrum got all out of whack the other night...thankfully there is a Chiro in the family and she was able to help me out with some pointers so that I could fix it and walk without excruciating pain (legs up and an ice pack).  

movement?  He moves all the time.  My belly goes nuts all day long with him moving around.  It has been cool that the doctor has told me what way he is turned (head down, back along my left side, feet towards my right ribs) so I can sort of imagine what each movement is.  He seems to like to prop a foot on a rib and tap on it (not cool).

maternity clothes?  Whenever I go out of the house... yes.  I have a few clothing items I wear all the time.  Inside the house... leggings or pajama pants are the way to go with a T-shirt or stretchy tank top.  

stretch marks?  None that I can see.  No I have not been using cocoa butter.  That stuff is expensive.  I bought a jar of coconut oil at Trader Joe's way before I got pregnant to use on my face and just started using it on my belly once I got pregnant.  It is a fantastic moisturizer (I use way less than regular lotion) and I still have over 1/3 of the jar left... (which was only like $6).  I just put it on after my shower and sometimes before bed... I read the main thing with stretch marks is just to stay moisturized so I don't really think it matters what you use.

cravings?  Nothing I can't live without.  I'm back to a more normal (pre-pregnancy type) desire for random stuff... The one really weird thing that I look for whenever I go to the store is Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper.  I hate Diet soda.  Or diet anything.  But I had that a while back because my grandmother left it in my fridge, and lately it sounds good.  But I'm not heartbroken that I can't find it anywhere (I can but I'm not going to buy an entire 12 pack of it).

aversions?  nope.  give me food.

strangers?  They are starting to ask about the pregnancy.... how far along? Is it your first? Do you know what you are having?  So far no one has tried to touch the belly other than friends (I might punch a stranger).  I do get a few glares when I'm out shopping.  I don't think the guys at Home Depot know what to think of me.  

favorite thing so far?  The non-uncomfortable movements he makes.  Its fun to watch my belly move everywhere.  As long as he stays away from my bladder and ribs, its pretty cool.

to do?  A little crafting/decorating left for the nursery.  Buy the big stuff that we didn't get at the showers (just patiently waiting to see if there are any sales since we have a little time left).  Find a pediatrician.  Take a tour of the labor and delivery hall.  Make a birth plan.  Freezer cooking.

fears?  Normal nervousness about labor and all the things that could go wrong.  But I'm more fixated on how I will get to the hospital since odds are against me that Kyle will not be with me when I go into labor.  Of course I have a few friends I can call but that doesn't take the nervousness away.  That he will come really early...and have health issues to deal with.  That he will come late and Kyle's week of vacation will be over.

Please Myles, make your debut like the week before your daddy's vacation, or on the first day of it so he can enjoy every minute possible with you.  He has wanted you for such a very very long time.

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