Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christ the savior is born

We hope you are enjoying time with your families and/or friends this holiday season.  While Kyle has had to work today, we are trying to enjoy the holidays with continuing a few traditions on this very non-traditional Christmas day.  One of those was our yearly Christmas Eve pajama photo...a tradition now running into it's 3rd generation!

May we remember that we celebrate this day not because of the stuff we get today but because of the ultimate gift of Christ's birth.  This season is a time of reflection and a time of anticipation of when he shall ultimately return. 

I look forward to Kyle and I figuring out what traditions will look like in our home over the years for our family, but I hope that the ultimate focus that Myles remembers from the holidays will be on Christ.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

last week : vacation

It was so nice.  I mean, so, so, nice. We had most of 5 days to be a family of 3.  Kyle getting to just be a dad.  He wore that hat very well last week.  And getting to see him in that role makes me even more in love with him every day.

The rest of his vacation, his mom was in town and that provided a different form of bliss.  Dates.

Granny Carol did quite a bit of babysitting for us... we did make sure to get her out of the house... it was her vacation as well... But 3 of the days she was here, we were able to slip away for little dates.  One day we saw the new Hunger Games movie (fantastic!); the next day we went out for a hibachi lunch; and the last date was another trip to the theater to see the new Hobbit movie.  Thank you SO MUCH Granny Carol!  I think Myles had fun playing with you :).

The vacation went by way too quickly (as they always do) but it was a good break for all of us anyway.

Also over the break, we finished our Christmas shopping, and picked out new doorknobs for the house.  Myles and I have finished all of our running around town and to Christmas parties, so over the next few days I will be busy wrapping presents and slowly installing the knobs.  I am SO excited about this!

I weighed little man the other day (roughly... you know, step on the scale alone and then holding him...not super accurate) and he is around 9 lbs (!!!).  So now that all of our cloth diapers are in (we are going to see how 15 work for us; BumGenius 4.0) I think I will be getting them washed and ready for the switch pretty soon.  I have read that 10 lbs is usually about when they fit baby best, but I might try them out next week anyways.  If they don't work yet, they will soon!

Friday, December 13, 2013

myles oliver : monthbymonth

My little man is already a month old.  Sometimes it seems like time is flying, and others, it is creeping by.  I am anxious for the more interactive time, but hate to see the snuggly little boy disappear.

Myles, you have moved into size 1 diapers this week, as well as some of your bigger clothes (0-3mo and a few 3 month sizes).  You can still squeeze into some newborn things but not for much longer. 

You mostly only cry when you are hungry (or we accidentally bop you on the head).  You fall asleep almost immediately when you are in the car or in your stroller.  For the most part you let us sleep for 2-4 hours at a time at night and have more "good" nights than "bad" ones.. (good means you go to sleep right after you are done nursing instead of making us bounce you and snuggle you for 2 hours).  Night time is the only time mommy gets frustrated with you because other than lack of sleep on "bad" nights, you are so laid back.  

You love your bath time right now and I hope that never ends.  I love to comb your hair the "wrong" way after your bath so that it curls into a weird little mohawk of sorts.  

We have taken you to church a couple of times so far and you mostly sleep through it as long we we keep you moving.  

You started playing with your zebra this week, hitting the rings and rattle that hang from his feet.

My favorite moments with you are when you grab my shirt while you are nursing with one hand, and stroke my side with the other.  

Your daddy loves when you fall asleep on him and enjoys having "gym" time with you.  Daddy is your own personal gym.  You do tummy time on his chest (you hold your head up so well!  Just not very good at keeping it straight!), and he holds you under your arms to try to get you to push on him with your legs.  

You have had a few bottles now and took to them immediately!  Thank goodness!  That has been really helpful with daddy watching you while I run errands or when your Granny kept you so we could have a couple of dates during her visit!

It is still so surreal that we are parents.  

We love you little man.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

this view is nice

It is Kyle's vacation week.  Which in a way also means it is mine.

Baby wants to stay awake at 2am instead of conking right on out after his meal?  DADDY!!!!!

Baby has a million dirty diapers during the day?  DADDY!!!!!

Mommy wants to go finish all of the Christmas shopping/stop off for some Starbucks?  DADDY!!!!!

But he doesn't seem to mind at all.

Yes, this view is nice.

This week I am linking up with The Blessing Box!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

never too old

...for a Christmas wish list.  I mean everyone asks what you want for Christmas anyways, so why not make a wish list?

Here is mine:

1.  A personalized ring like this one from ClairAshley.  I'm thinking Myles' birthdate on the inside, and either "h(heart)k"  or "mCo" on the outside.  I would wager I am a size small.

2.  A personalized address stamp like these from chattypress.  I have loved hand stamping some of my cards this year... so realistically I wouldn't mind just some fun stamps for decorating cards too.

3.  I LOVE my Dyson vacuum.  My only complaint though is that it did not come with a good attachment for easily removing cat hair from the furniture.  This tangle-free turbine tool would be mighty handy.  

4.  I like the look of this pink Chambray Kindle Fire cover by Belkin.  I really like that the tablet snaps into it, not held in by elastic bands that get in the way/could stretch out.

5.  Mommy's happy place.  Also known as a Dunkin Donuts gift card.

6.  New luggage.  I love my parent's High Sierra large rolling duffle bag.  It is extra light weight so you can pack extra stuff and stay under the airline's weight limit.  This and a smaller carry-on size bag would probably work just fine for us.

7.  A Zoo membership... the "Household-Guest" option.  That way me, Myles, and any unnamed adult can go year-round...whether that is Kyle or getting a grandparent or friend in for free.  The girls I spend time with all have memberships so this will get used.  Is this a gift for me or Myles???

8.  I am in need of new throw pillows for my couches... I would LOVE these state pillows by Simply1Stitched.  One for KY, and one for SC!  With the state in grey I think (since she doesn't have solid yellow/gold).  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

thanksgiving firsts

There has been a lot of family in since Myles was born... and since he has only been here for less than 3 weeks, he has had a lot of firsts... Here are a few in photo form:

  1. A little older photo but I wanted to include it, my brother was able to spend about 5 days with us before he left for Japan and has requested to be dubbed "Uncle Chet".  This makes perfect sense isntweirdatall if you know Lucas...
  2. My Aunt Julie, cousin Corey, Nana, and Mom came in for Thanksgiving.  This is Corey's first time to hold Myles.  He was a little scared but got quite good at it... #bighandslittlebaby
  3. Thanksgiving morning (for us... Friday), my Mom (Gamma) helped me give Myles his first tub bath.  He really didn't mind it at all!
  4. This is my first... I cooked the whole Thanksgiving meal!  Thanks to lots of babysitters in the house... 
  5. Myles' first Thanksgiving... this was right after his bath... his Thanksgiving outfit didn't survive but an hour... Poosplosion2013 happened right after this photo was taken.
  6. After our feast.  Had a quick snuggle session before Kyle and I left him with his Gamma and headed to the hospital to drop off some food for the night crew.
  7. Myles loved his Nana the Great.  If there was one more spot for another photo, it would be the two of them napping together.  So funny. (maybe another day)
  8. Sunday after everyone was gone, we took our first family walk around the neighborhood.  Just like the car, the stroller puts him right to sleep.
  9. Myles watched his first Titans game with his daddy on Sunday as well.  Or watched his daddy... the jury is still out on that one.