Thursday, December 19, 2013

last week : vacation

It was so nice.  I mean, so, so, nice. We had most of 5 days to be a family of 3.  Kyle getting to just be a dad.  He wore that hat very well last week.  And getting to see him in that role makes me even more in love with him every day.

The rest of his vacation, his mom was in town and that provided a different form of bliss.  Dates.

Granny Carol did quite a bit of babysitting for us... we did make sure to get her out of the house... it was her vacation as well... But 3 of the days she was here, we were able to slip away for little dates.  One day we saw the new Hunger Games movie (fantastic!); the next day we went out for a hibachi lunch; and the last date was another trip to the theater to see the new Hobbit movie.  Thank you SO MUCH Granny Carol!  I think Myles had fun playing with you :).

The vacation went by way too quickly (as they always do) but it was a good break for all of us anyway.

Also over the break, we finished our Christmas shopping, and picked out new doorknobs for the house.  Myles and I have finished all of our running around town and to Christmas parties, so over the next few days I will be busy wrapping presents and slowly installing the knobs.  I am SO excited about this!

I weighed little man the other day (roughly... you know, step on the scale alone and then holding him...not super accurate) and he is around 9 lbs (!!!).  So now that all of our cloth diapers are in (we are going to see how 15 work for us; BumGenius 4.0) I think I will be getting them washed and ready for the switch pretty soon.  I have read that 10 lbs is usually about when they fit baby best, but I might try them out next week anyways.  If they don't work yet, they will soon!

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  1. Such a sweet photo of you & the little guy. So great that you had some vacation time - I love time as a family of 3, so I can imagine how great your 5 days were! Opportunities for dates are great too - so good to do for everyone, I think. Good for mom & dad, grandmas love it, and some variety in getting loved on has to be fun for baby too, right?! :)


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