Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christ the savior is born

We hope you are enjoying time with your families and/or friends this holiday season.  While Kyle has had to work today, we are trying to enjoy the holidays with continuing a few traditions on this very non-traditional Christmas day.  One of those was our yearly Christmas Eve pajama photo...a tradition now running into it's 3rd generation!

May we remember that we celebrate this day not because of the stuff we get today but because of the ultimate gift of Christ's birth.  This season is a time of reflection and a time of anticipation of when he shall ultimately return. 

I look forward to Kyle and I figuring out what traditions will look like in our home over the years for our family, but I hope that the ultimate focus that Myles remembers from the holidays will be on Christ.


  1. What a cute family :) Very Merry Christmas to you all! Looks like you already received the best gift ever.

  2. What a beautiful family! Just found your blog through Medical Mondays!


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