Thursday, December 5, 2013

never too old

...for a Christmas wish list.  I mean everyone asks what you want for Christmas anyways, so why not make a wish list?

Here is mine:

1.  A personalized ring like this one from ClairAshley.  I'm thinking Myles' birthdate on the inside, and either "h(heart)k"  or "mCo" on the outside.  I would wager I am a size small.

2.  A personalized address stamp like these from chattypress.  I have loved hand stamping some of my cards this year... so realistically I wouldn't mind just some fun stamps for decorating cards too.

3.  I LOVE my Dyson vacuum.  My only complaint though is that it did not come with a good attachment for easily removing cat hair from the furniture.  This tangle-free turbine tool would be mighty handy.  

4.  I like the look of this pink Chambray Kindle Fire cover by Belkin.  I really like that the tablet snaps into it, not held in by elastic bands that get in the way/could stretch out.

5.  Mommy's happy place.  Also known as a Dunkin Donuts gift card.

6.  New luggage.  I love my parent's High Sierra large rolling duffle bag.  It is extra light weight so you can pack extra stuff and stay under the airline's weight limit.  This and a smaller carry-on size bag would probably work just fine for us.

7.  A Zoo membership... the "Household-Guest" option.  That way me, Myles, and any unnamed adult can go year-round...whether that is Kyle or getting a grandparent or friend in for free.  The girls I spend time with all have memberships so this will get used.  Is this a gift for me or Myles???

8.  I am in need of new throw pillows for my couches... I would LOVE these state pillows by Simply1Stitched.  One for KY, and one for SC!  With the state in grey I think (since she doesn't have solid yellow/gold).  

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  1. Nice wish list. I have one on elfster that I just sent to my mother in law like 10 minutes ago. May need to add that ring you posted so pretty!


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