Tuesday, December 3, 2013

thanksgiving firsts

There has been a lot of family in since Myles was born... and since he has only been here for less than 3 weeks, he has had a lot of firsts... Here are a few in photo form:

  1. A little older photo but I wanted to include it, my brother was able to spend about 5 days with us before he left for Japan and has requested to be dubbed "Uncle Chet".  This makes perfect sense isntweirdatall if you know Lucas...
  2. My Aunt Julie, cousin Corey, Nana, and Mom came in for Thanksgiving.  This is Corey's first time to hold Myles.  He was a little scared but got quite good at it... #bighandslittlebaby
  3. Thanksgiving morning (for us... Friday), my Mom (Gamma) helped me give Myles his first tub bath.  He really didn't mind it at all!
  4. This is my first... I cooked the whole Thanksgiving meal!  Thanks to lots of babysitters in the house... 
  5. Myles' first Thanksgiving... this was right after his bath... his Thanksgiving outfit didn't survive but an hour... Poosplosion2013 happened right after this photo was taken.
  6. After our feast.  Had a quick snuggle session before Kyle and I left him with his Gamma and headed to the hospital to drop off some food for the night crew.
  7. Myles loved his Nana the Great.  If there was one more spot for another photo, it would be the two of them napping together.  So funny. (maybe another day)
  8. Sunday after everyone was gone, we took our first family walk around the neighborhood.  Just like the car, the stroller puts him right to sleep.
  9. Myles watched his first Titans game with his daddy on Sunday as well.  Or watched his daddy... the jury is still out on that one.

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