Wednesday, November 27, 2013

...for now. (2 weeks)

Babies change so fast.  Myles is no different... even when sometimes I can't put my finger on why.

At two weeks old, he has been rolling onto his side since he was a day old; is grabbing onto things more frequently; seems to be focusing on our faces more; started sticking his tongue out on occasion; on Monday was 6lb 13oz, almost back to his birth weight; lost his umbilical stump today.

Those are pretty concrete things... but here are other things about our little boy.

for now... he likes to sleep on his side.

for now... he is fine sleeping in his crib.

for now... he wakes up twice in the night (three if we sleep in).

for now... he sleeps for 2-4 hours at a time.

for now... his average bedtime is 9-10pm.

for now... his average wake up is around 7:30am.

for now... his hair is the same color as his Uncle's... dark blonde.

for now... we use a paci to calm him down at night, and he spits it out after a few minutes.

for now... he falls asleep when the car is moving.

for now... he stays asleep when we get to the store (as long as we keep moving).

for now... he sits in his bouncy seat and lets me take a full shower in the morning.

for now... he grabs my shirt while nursing.

for now... he mostly only cries when he is naked or having his diaper changed.

for now... he doesn't mind loud noises like the hairdryer or vacuum.

for now... he is a really good baby.

morning rocking chair snuggles 


  1. Visiting from MM Blog Hop! Darling baby - great to see the details you're capturing!

    Ray Doc Wife

  2. Thanks for linking up with MM! Beautiful, sweet baby... enjoy him for now and for always:-)


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