Tuesday, November 12, 2013

hurry up and wait

Just stopping in to update... we're still waiting.  

Myles is still sitting around in there.  We had another ultrasound yesterday to check my fluid levels... they were higher than the time before so that is still no concern.  We really couldn't see much... he was so squished up in there she couldn't really get a view of his face... so we had to be content watching him practice his breathing.  

Afterward, we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather downtown and go for a walk.  Ended up taking Myles up to the bridge over Reedy Falls.  

While we are really anxious for him to be here and get to spend as much time as possible with him before Kyle goes back to work, the past few days have been really good for Kyle to be able to just relax.  And really good for us to just reconnect with each other.  No distractions.  We have been out with friends, had dinner alone, been to the movies, run out for ice cream, and enjoyed the last bit of warm weather together.  

Time to shake things up.

Come on Myles.  We are so ready for you to be here!


  1. Reconnecting is good too! (As are ice cream dates.) Hope the little man decides to arrive soon though.

  2. As much as I want him to come while Kyle is off, it is also nice that you two are getting some alone time. It will be a loooooong time before it's just the two of you again! ;)


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