Wednesday, May 15, 2013

photo shoot : siblings part 1

The two weeks leading up to our whirlwind weekend, my brother and I did some secret photo shoots for our mom.  He had the fantastic idea that since we were both leaving the state and country soon we should take pictures together for his commissioning gift to her and our Mother's Day gift.  We wanted to do all of them at once but he had some issues getting his new uniform ordered and tailored.  So one week, with the help of Kyle, we did some plain clothes photos (today's post), and the next week we did the military ones (tomorrow's post).  Kyle made his way into a few of them.  We all took turns using the camera depending on who was in the shot and then I edited.


We had a lot of fun doing these and I will treasure them for a long time.  So glad he had such an awesome idea.  Whats your favorite?  Comments are welcome.  :)

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