Monday, May 6, 2013

well whadya know?!

Its Medical Monday Ya'll!  I didn't have the heart to cover up this post with something new just yet so here ya go!  

If you have never participated in Medical Monday, it is the first Monday of every month and for anyone connected to the Medical life in any way shape or form.  Great way to meet similar people dealing with similar crazy ways of life.

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This is the big announcement post.  I love how my mentor from college put it in an email to me:

"Obviously I was remiss in your education and did not convey to you that you don’t have to do everything all at once:  graduate, move, buy a house, have a baby."

Oh yes.  You read that right.  

Because moving out of state 7 hours from anyone we know, buying our house, and Kyle becoming a doctor just wasn't enough.  We might as well complete all of the tasks of becoming real adults all at the same time.  We are going to have a baby.  God help us.

We are SO excited.  It has been a long road that only a select few knew about.  
Little bro took this shot :)  Good job Lucas!
My mentor was right.  This is a lot happening all at once.  And its scary.  But this wasn't our original plan.   The plan had been to have this happen at least a year ago.  You know.. so we would be somewhat used to being parents before Residency.  But God had other things in mind.  Lots of lessons to learn.  To really prepare us and shape us to know that this is really something we truly desire.  Not something we are doing to make our families happy.  Not something I am doing to make my husband happy.  Not a role to fulfill.  But what WE want for our life.  Sure the timing isn't fantastic, but it is perfect all at the same time.


How far along?  12 weeks and some change.

Due Date?  as of now it is Nov 13th

When did we find out?  At about 4 weeks.  The week before the Match.  Imagine that anxiety people. 

How do I feel?  Pretty normal (PRAISE GOD).  I'm generally hungry all the time.  Early on I was a little more tired than usual and had some not-so-fun cramps but those are mostly gone.  I have to watch being on my feet for too long.

Am I showing?  I can tell a difference but I don't think its obvious.  Soon. I could while laying flat in bed yesterday.  Kinda freaked me out.  Just all of a sudden there was a very noticeable bump.  That wasn't noticeable when I stood up.  Or any other time that I have been on my back since then.

Cravings?  Nothing I can pin point... I think I just crave everything I see.  Driving down the road... ooh Panera sounds good, or Taco Bell sounds good, or the pasta I just saw on Instagram looked good.  But really I've always been like that lol.  I do really enjoy McDonalds McDouble (no ketchup) about once a week.  

I don't know what else to tell you...  My first doctor's appointment was a bit odd... I'm such a bad pregnant person.  (Don't worry, I'm a great pregnant person about taking care of myself... but you will see..)

Dr. P:  So what have you been reading?

Me:  Um. Nothing.
Dr. P:  O.K.  Well most women like to read "What to Expect When you are Expecting"
Me:  Oh O.K.
Dr. P:  Or some people like
Me:  I have the app on my phone.  (that I occasionally look at).
Dr. P:  What kind of exercising do you do?
Me: Um.  I walk to my car?
Dr. P:  You might want to look into yoga.
Dr. P:  Do you have any questions?
Me: (fumbling in my head... I was so not prepared for the Spanish Inquisition I walked into)  No.
Dr. P:  Ok well write any questions that come to mind down in a notebook for next time.

(The above commentary is only a snippet and does not mean my Dr. is weird or I hate her or anything of the sort.  I LOVE her and hate to be leaving her to have to find another in the middle of all this)

Kyle has bought me the book.  I haven't opened it.  Kyle bought me a fitness DVD.  Its cardio.  I did a little bit of it this weekend.  I about died.  And could barely move my legs for 3 days.  I'm so out of shape.  (I didn't overdo it... I am very careful about taking breaks... I'm just that insanely pitiful)

This has partly been the reason for my lessened amount of postings the past several weeks.  What do you talk about when this is all there really is to talk about but you aren't ready to talk about it yet?  We've been busy thinking about the move and such so I haven't had time to do any awesome recipes or photography... But I think about this often.

So here's Baby C. at 8 weeks.  Head is down, there are little arm buds sticking out. 

Heck of an adventure ahead.


  1. Congrats! That God! He is so funny about His timing- it rarely seems to be in line with what we would consider perfect timing. But His timing is perfect! I've been taught this through a tough road to get baby #1 and a surprise baby #2! ;) You guys will do great! What to Expext is a good don't have to sit down and read it- just refer to it. Take care!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! This is SO exciting. Yes, a lot of change at one time, but God is faithful. Congratulations, excited to follow this journey :)

  3. Congrats! Incredible news. 2013 is a HUGE year for you!

  4. Thanks for linking up today and congratulations on your latest development. Very exciting!!!!!

  5. My husband and I tend to get all the major life events accomplished all at once too. I don't think I picked up What to Expect until I was 4 months along with baby#1; just looking at it made my stomach turn! She was born during intern year; tough times, but they went by so fast (I hate when people say that to me!). Really though, just make some new mommy friends that can help and hopefully your DrH will get some time off. Congratulations!

  6. Visiting from MM blog hop...and congrats!!! :D Nothing is ever really perfectly timed but kids are awesome. My son is almost 4 and I still wish he was a baby sometimes, Lol.

  7. Very exciting!!! Congratulations!!! You know, now matter how much you plan and time everything out, there's NEVER a good time to have a baby. Something will always get in the way. I wouldn't worry that too much. ;) Enjoy this special time!!
    Thank you for linking up with us for Med Monday!

  8. Conrats to you! It will all work out. There's really no perfect time to have a baby!

  9. This is so exciting, and I love how straight up you're being about the road ahead. Nothing wrong with not being the archetypal pregnant lady and not reading a billion books about it. I think you're doing it just fine. Best of luck to you and your husband!

  10. Congrats on making it past the first trimester Hillary! And Taco Bell? I could eat there every day but only let myself like twice a year! :)

    Three more days left in the May giveaway; A new blog design!Our Journey

  11. Stopping by as a part of Medical Mondays... Congratulations! That is great news. A lot of change, but good change nonetheless!

  12. Congratulations! Found you through Medical Mondays last time and have loved reading along your adventures this last month! It might be hard doing everything at once, but when you accomplish it - it feels even better! I'm sure you'll do great!

  13. OMG congrats!! Thanks for linking up this month, I'm so happy for your good news! It'll be hectic, but life has this great way of working out just right!

    Much love

  14. Congratulations! Just found your blog through the blog hop. We are starting residency this year too. We have a two year old. It will be hectic for you but you'll survive- things have a way of working out. :)

  15. Hey, congrats to you too! I didn't comment when I first saw this because I hadn't quite posted my announcement and I wanted to say, me too! Similar due date!

    So exciting, and nice that you haven't felt too sick either - I do feel a little bad sometimes when other people tell me how awful they felt, and then I remember that I prefer to feel this way, so I'll just consider myself lucky :) I started taking some photos for fun at week 14, and at week 17.5, I can definitely see a difference. Originally I just looked thicker around the middle, but now it's much more of a shape. So you'll get there soon!


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