Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ipsy review: Feb 2013

If you missed the explanation of what Ipsy is, you can check it out here. This month's bag was a "red carpet ready" theme.  The bag was shiny black lined in bright red with the Ipsy logo sewn inside.  Inside were these goodies:
This month, subscribers received a shadow palette sample from Coastal Scents with four handpicked shades by Ipsy.  There were two different options that could have been put in a bag.  The one I received was gold tones.  While the other was black and silvers. While I am not entirely thrilled with the colors in my bag (though they are growing on me), I have used Coastal Scents from a previous bag and LOVE the quality of these highly pigmented shadows so was nonetheless pleased to see a recurrence of this product.
Next was the MicaBeauty gel eyeliner in black.  It looks like from the Ipsy site that there were 6 color options that might have been received this month: black, brown, bronze, green, blue, and purple. I was extremely excited to get this in my bag.  I have tried it out using my angled liner brush from a past Ipsy bag and I was very pleased with the results.  This was my first experience with a gel liner and I liked the amount of control I had with it and its staying power.
Third in line was the Lash Card, meant to aid in the application of mascara.  The trial pack came with 4 cards.  They are meant to be placed behind the lash line to keep smudging from occurring on the lid. This was the product I was least excited about.  And by least, I mean not at all. While I am sure for some it is handy, I feel like this is a waste of money, and so, would never consider purchasing them in the future.
Fourth was Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara by POP Beauty.  It is a trial size sample that would probably last a decent amount of time for me.  I will eventually use this when I run out of what I have.  So while not super exciting, it is useful.
Last, I had the Pixi Flawless and Poreless primer.  This primer is unlike others I have tried.  It is a creamier consistency than the gel like primers I own and is meant to help control shine and clear pores.  I do enjoy this product and was glad to get to try a Pixi product for the first time.

Each company offered 20-30% off an order within a month or two of the Feb glam bag receipt.

While not the most exciting of bags, I definitely feel like it has provided me with some good staple products that I would not ordinarily purchased for myself at the store, all in much higher quality brands than I ever spend money on.  Well done Ipsy.

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