Friday, February 22, 2013

sample swap with ThatWinsomeGirl

Last week I talked about how my friend Amy over at That Winsome Girl turned me onto the Ipsy beauty subscription service.  Last month we decided to utilize our growing sample supply and do a little swap.  I had a few products that just weren't for me that she wanted to try, and since she is subscribed to four different programs, she had quite a few things for  me to try.

This all began from her post here about the January Ipsy bag.  She received the SOHO concealer brush and Nailtini nail polish in Frappe, while I received the shadow brush and Nailtini nail polish in Bloody Mary.  I have plenty of shadow brushes and have too many red nail polishes, so I asked my dear friend if she cared to trade.  She was very excited to!  She then took it a step further and started sending me lists of things she was willing to part with from other services, so I started cleaning out my stocks of things I would never use.

I quickly realized that I was getting the better end of this deal, and sought to fill in the gap a bit.  I remembered that a few years ago I had offered her a vintage apron to use on her dress form for her jewelry show display.  Of course I kept forgetting to send it to her right after I offered it and well at least she has it now!  Then I threw in a handmade burlap rose from my little table arrangement.

I popped it all in the mail and waited for the trade to be complete!

And I waited.

And waited.

Haha, poor Amy right about this time had a ton of parties to plan and prep for so she was a little delayed in sending mine out.  But oh my.  It was worth the wait.

The haul.
Of course there were the items we swapped; the Nailtini in "Frappe" and the SOHO brush.  Both of which I LOVE and am SO glad we switched. 
Next were the nail lacquer items that didn't work for her:  Essie nail lacquer in "sexy divide", Color Club polish in "blue-ming" and "put a pin in it", Julip Nail Vernis in "Holly". 
The makeup samples:  what looks like a full size Stila bronzing serum, and a sample size of Urban Decay's Naked Skin Beauty Balm; both of which look like they will be best used in the summer when I have a little color to me. 
Last was Epsom Salts white tea bath salt.  I have never used bath salt before and can't wait to try it out.  It smells really good!

The things I sent her: Photos by Amy/ThatWinsomeGirl (I sent this weeks before beginning the blog so I never thought to take my own).  I love seeing photos of how she really may be using the extras :).
cute little apron for her display
a burlap rose
a few beauty products
Not shown: SOHO shadow crease brush

I really hope that we might turn this into an annual event!  I really had a great time searching for things to send her and enjoyed my box of goodies that she selected for me!!


  1. Well, darn. I forgot to photograph the brush that started it all! It's been on my vanity with my brushes and heavily used (it's my favorite to blend the edges of my crease colors out). I'll probably have more polishes to send you in the future. I'm sure I have well over 150 now and you end up with a lot of unnecessary dupes with a collection that large. This swap was so fun and I look forward to repeats in the future!

    1. Yeah I didn't even think about the brush until I started writing this. By then I wasn't going to ask you to take ANOTHER photo. Can't wait to do this again!!


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