Saturday, February 16, 2013

photo shoot : baby bays

Back in the fall I was honored to take the maternity pictures of my good friend Lauren with her husband Jeff, before the birth of their precious little boy Jeffrey Lee Bays III (JLB3), or "Baby Bays".  My husband and I have been in community with his parents for almost a year now and they are some of our very best friends. 

And then about a month after he was born, I had the privilege of getting to photograph JLB3 and his parents for their first family photos.  
Last week, he turned 2 months old and I got to take some more pictures of this quickly growing baby.  He is really starting to show some personality and that was really fun to catch.
Isn't he just so precious!?  Such a handsome little boy.  It is so awesome to get to see how much he changes every time I see him.  And I get to babysit him this weekend.  So. excited.  Which is your favorite?

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  1. love all of these... favorites are #2 and #5. so sweet!


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