Thursday, February 14, 2013

subscription service review: Ipsy

For a little over a year now I have been subscribed to a makeup subscription service called Ipsy.  I was first introduced to the concept by my good friend Amy over at That Winsome Girl.  Amy and I grew up two houses from each other and became best friends in middle school.  We haven't seen each other since my wedding but have kept in touch online over the past 5 years.  She has in the meanwhile become quite the domestic queen, serving up amazingly elaborate homemade treats at every get-together she and her husband host, and whipping up some pretty amazing jewelry in her spare time (her Etsy shop is here).  Definitely check out what she has to offer on her blog or in her shop.  You will not be disappointed.
The neighborhood trio (Gracie, Amy, and Me) Photo from Amy
When Amy turned me on to the concept, she was subscribed to Birchbox and had just gotten in on the ground floor of MyGlam glambags in Dec.2011.  I subscribed to MyGlam shortly after her, but after a few months of service issues, she cancelled her subscription and I stuck with it.  A few months ago, MyGlam made the brand name switch to Ipsy.  And about the same time, Amy came back.  Ipsy has really gotten their act together and is really beginning to deliver great products.

What is Ipsy?

Ipsy is a beauty product subscription service that was started by Michelle Phan, a youtube beauty guru.  For $10/month (this amount includes shipping), you receive a makeup bag, and generally 4-5 deluxe size samples, one+ of which is usually full size.  Bags ship around the 10th of the month and can be a fun little surprise in the mail if you don't pay attention to all the product hints on their Facebook page.  The Ipsy website has many interactive features to allow you to rate the products you receive, and interact with others in the Ipsy network. Each month a few of the assorted makeup stylists on staff produce how-to videos of recommended uses for each of the products in the bag. They also host several competitions for larger samples or complete sets of products through the website or Facebook page. Most companies that provide the products also give discount codes for full size purchases made within a few months of trial. 

Currently, Ipsy is only available at the $10/month price in the USA.  For an additional $4.95 S&H fee, they will now ship to Canada.

Subscriptions are limited, so if interested, join their waitlist to be informed when subscriptions are opened.  They usually open it up each month as customers come and go. 

To me, it is an opportunity to try something new each month.  Usually there is a product in there that I have never been bold enough to try (lipstain) or not seen the use of before (gel eye liner).  Whether I am in love with what I receive or just happy to receive some snail mail, I truly enjoy this service.

What if I don't like something I receive?

This is where it can be fun.   Remember my Valentine's post that mentioned generosity?  Make someone's day.  Hand over the goods to someone that could use it, or would enjoy that color of eye shadow or lipgloss that just isn't you.  Another option, switch with someone that got a product you would rather have.  Or take it to the extreme with your friends who also subscribe to similar services and host a swap party for a fun girl's night.

Each month I plan to have a review of what I receive in the mail from this service.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments below. 

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