Monday, February 18, 2013

weekend replay

This weekend was a whirlwind.  Kyle's parents came up for the annual Farm and Tractor show and stayed with us Friday/Saturday.  This will be the last year we do this together.  Every year, my MIL accompanies my FIL to the show on Friday while we are working.  And every year, I accompany my MIL (and this year, friend Jill) for a day of shopping on Saturday while Kyle goes with his dad back to the show to help him take it all in.

Sunday, my church began a series on the book of Job, which I have been eagerly anticipating, followed by lunch with some friends, and later I cooked dinner for my brother and his friend.

The highlight of the weekend, though I was not a participant, was that my parents picked up their new mini-aussie pup!  His name is Kobe and he is 6.2 lbs of pure precious.  They got their first ever female dog and first ever mini Australian Shepard (Addie) back in the spring from Alangus Aussies.  The next time the breeder announced puppies were on the way (from her other female), my dad decided last minute that he needed to get in line for a 2nd.  So he paid the downpayment and surprised my mom for Christmas this year.  Nine weeks later, they have provided a little brother for Addie, and she seems to be taking to her new role as "big sis" very seriously.  She loves on him, steals his toys, and keeps an eye on him everywhere he goes.

She is teaching him all about the serious task of frisbee catching:
And he is just so proud of his new accomplishments:
He has also, in the 4 days of being home, mastered how to sit, down, shake, and high-5.  Such a smart boy!
Welcome to the family little guy.
(Photos and video courtesy of my parents)

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