Tuesday, May 26, 2015

last vacation of the 'year'

Kyle's final week of vacation for this fiscal year (ends with June) was at the beginning of the month.  So of course it is taking me this long to get to posting photos from it.  This time we made our first trek as a family up to our hometowns to visit for the week.

Myles handled traveling really well except for a stint on the trip back where we just had to find the next exit because he could not calm down after waking up from a nap.  But mostly it was thanks to Amazon Prime (not a sponsored post (ha!), I swear!) letting me download a few kids shows on the Kindle for the moments where he was about to start losing it.

photo cred: Mal Nowles
We started our stay at my parent's for the first couple of nights because a dear friend from my childhood was going to be getting married out of state, but the KY shindig was going to be happening our first evening up there.  In a barn no less.  On the one night of bad weather we would endure.  We will just count this as my class reunion moment since that is in the fall and will not be making that solo (+1) trip.  It was awesome/weird/awkward/amazing to see people I haven't seen in about 10 years and to be showing off my kiddo to boot.  Flashbacks abound.

The next few nights we stayed with Kyle's parents with a mid-stay trip to TN to see Discovery Park of America.  Totally awesome and worth the trip.  Myles had a major blast and I'm pretty sure Kyle read every museum plaque thing he passed.  Lots more family squeezed in, with a little bit of shopping on top.  My MIL managed to take 3 days off work to hang out with us which was a really big treat.  Our first day there, she took us to a deli for sandwiches.  I so would love to have that special BLT again.  Glazed pepper bacon, avocado and roasted peppers were the special part.

We finished up the week back with my family with a date night to The Avengers in my hometown's little theater.  Lots of good food and fun finally put a little meat on my bones.  It was hard to leave the easy life of visiting relatives, but there are always things to look forward to with getting back to your own house.  For me: my memory foam mattress, a toddler's routine, and strong coffee.

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