Wednesday, May 20, 2015

random bits of information

A few things I have already learned this morning:

did you know...  that Hobby Lobby has plenty of vintage airplanes, firetrucks, cowboy stuff, and motorcycle figurines but does not really have any trains?  Unless you want to go spend +$100 on a professional model kit.

did you know...  that if you ask for an extra (empty) cup for your kid to have his own pretend coffee in, the Target Starbucks ladies will be super happy to give you one of the mini cups for them to play with?  (I can not enjoy coffee out because he always tries to steal my cup to "drink" from...problem solved!)

did you know...  that Hibbett Sports carries a great selection of infant/toddler Nike and Under Armour shoes? My only complaint was that a lot of them had shoe laces (really?!)... but we managed to snag the display pair for $23!

did you know...  that we have been squeezing my poor kid's feet into size 5 Saucony shoes when he can wear a size 7 in Nike? (His other shoes are size 6 and fit fine but since the Nike's were so cheap and not too big (just nice growing space) we went with it!)

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