Thursday, May 14, 2015

myles oliver : monthbymonth 18

It is amazing how much has happened in the 6 months since my last update!  At almost 33 in tall and 26 lbs, you have skipped right ahead to mostly wearing 2T clothes.  You now have 13 teeth that have at least popped through really well, with the rest of your incisors on their way.  Teething has been easy.  Brushing them is a major battle.

Your personality is so sweet.  You are so excited to feel like you are helping us around the house!  You love to bring daddy your trashcan when he is taking the trash out.  You love to hand us the dishes from the dishwasher.  Sometimes you toss your empty cups in the sink!  And you are so fascinated with the vacuum cleaner that I have started having to hand you the little handheld one so that I can use the Dyson alone.  

When we go outside, you come to where I sit on the steps and hold out your hand and pull me up to take me on a walk.  We just went to the splash park yesterday morning and after watching me catch Ella Brooks at the end of the slide, you started holding your arm up in the air just like me whenever you saw her coming down, like you are saying "its ok, we'll catch you!".  You give hugs and kisses frequently and love to laugh along with the grownups whenever we tune up.

You words are starting to slowly accumulate.  You say UH OH, momma, dada, bye bye (as goodbye and all gone), hi, Mimi (Zoe the cat and all other animals), Remi (the other cat), Addie, baby, outside, choo choo (every time the train passes), bath, ball, ow, moo, duck, dip, rock, eyes, shoes, doodle (my nickname for you), and 'da' is yes.  You also attempt to say bless you "bot ba" and thank you "ta ta" at appropriate times, but daddy says those don't count.  And whenever we get in a car or you play with a toy truck, you make car sounds.  I'm optimistic that your new interest in books is going to start helping with this.

You do pretty good with following simple directions like "sit down", "stop", "go slow".  But you definitely test our boundaries regularly.  Your favorite thing to do is sit on the arm rest of the couch and look at us like you are being a big daredevil.  You still don't really play with toys very much but you do go after your blocks, trucks, water table, lawn mower, and cozy-coupe car if you are going to play with anything.  Realistically; my bags, jewelry, keys, oven mitts, and coffee cups are your absolute favorite things.

You still eat pretty well but have started getting picky on a few things.  You no longer like green beans or strawberries and prefer shredded or ground meat.  You LOVE sautéed peppers, onions and mushrooms.  You are perfecting your use of forks and have started letting me put bibs on you again (thank goodness! we have ruined a few shirts from forgetting to treat them before washing).  

You go to bed between 7:30 and 8, and are usually awake by 7:30 the next morning.  You are down to one nap, and do the best with it if you go down at 10:30, usually you will sleep until about 1 if not longer.  We need to move that a little later though so we can hang out with friends again since all of your friends take later naps so you are now waking up when they are going down.

You are such a joy and everyone that meets you loves you immediately.  I could not have been given a more laid back kid.  But you certainly know how to throw a toddler tantrum, my mini man! 

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  1. I know, isn't it crazy how much changes in those months? I guess I say that every time, but they seriously have entered a new stage with this time span - all boy, no baby. I've started handing Hendrik vacuum attachments while I run mine - I think I need to get a small hand-held one though. He'd love the "helping" and I'd love that it's actually doing something :) Myles sounds like such a sweetie - I think these boys would get along well. And I wish he would pass along some of that sauteed veggie love. Hendrik likes a lot of "weird" things but can be so finicky about some things. Ah, the toddler exerting their personality/power stage.


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