Wednesday, May 6, 2015


designing  I have already talked about how I have started making bibs for our friends that have babies down here; I have not mentioned that I have made a few more mobiles for a couple of them to put in their nurseries.  I loved how Myles' airplane themed mobile turned out, so did a similar one with only clouds for Lane's room, and turned those clouds into sheep for Charlotte's.  Lyndsey's baby boy will be here before we know it so I am starting to think about how I will make his for the vintage train theme Lyndsey is planning.

enjoying  Time with my little family.  We are trying to get some of the "technology creep" under control around here, and the results have been awesome.  Dinner on the deck, Kyle chasing Myles around the yard, card games with Kyle after Myles is in bed; it has been a pretty nice change.

ordering  I just ordered my first set of Jamberry nails.  I got the Urban Lights design and can't wait to get them on!  I have a Facebook party scheduled to begin the week of May 31st so let me know if you want to participate!  

celebrating  I feel like we are constantly celebrating all of the new things Myles is learning right now.  He has added more words to his vocabulary since our trip to KY, has learned how to blow a dandelion (and hot food), truly helps Kyle with chores, cheers/laughs every time he gives kisses, plus much much more.

tasting  We have tried out 2 new recipes this week, and this Friday my foodie friday section will return with some amazing stuffed zucchini, so remember to stop back by!

As always, I am linking up with Anne at In Residence and Jenna at the newly rebranded Gold&Bloom (formerly Dearest Love).

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  1. Your mobile looks so good! Yay for new words and new recipes. Excited to see what this zucchini one is!


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