Monday, May 11, 2015

mother's day recap : mini me style

Mother's day as a doctor's wife.  It sure is interesting.  This life is definitely teaching me to go with the flow.  Whenever I try to make big plans in my head, disappointment strikes.  So I didn't make any plans.  Sure it would have been nice to get an hour alone to sip on a latte and browse a store (all I asked for... our cats eat flowers then puke and I would much rather have $5 for previously mentioned latte than it being spent on a card IMO), but it wasn't realistic with Kyle on call Saturday night, so I didn't worry about it.  

Instead, my day went like this:  Oversleep by 30 minutes so that we only had 45 minutes before we needed to be in the car for early church.  Shower, hair and makeup and clothes in 30 minutes for me, 15 minutes for milk and clothes for Myles...with a shameless PopTart for both of us as we headed to the car.  Revel in the idea of us doing some serious matching outfits for the first time (usually I'm a little more subtle than this.)  Hey... it was Mother's Day after all.  I can do what I want!

Get home around nap time but stop and take photos because you have to document this moment of matchy matchyness.  I wish I had my phone on me as a secondary camera because little man kept trying to "take photos" with the tripod whenever he escaped my clutches.  Just like mommy.  Put the kid down for his nap and then decide what to do...because its 11am and daddy still isn't home from work.  Chores?  Binge watch Revolution?  Blog?  Nope... lay out.  Only survive the heat for 45 minutes, go in and do chores.

Champion napper for 2 days in a row (3.5 hours) wakes up after less than 2 hours because its Mother's Day and daddy pulled in the driveway at about 1:00.  Daddy goes to bed, we eat some lunch.  And head out the door to Wal-Mart because I have a hankering for breakfast for dinner and need bacon.  Do some extra shopping (yay swim trunks!) and head to Lowe's because daddy didn't know it yet but he bought mommy a bird feeder for Mother's Day.  Go home and play in the water table until its time to wake daddy up for waffles!  

It was a busy, relaxing, extremely fun day.  No I didn't get jewelry or breakfast in bed.  I still fed my family 3 meals from our fridge and pantry.  I still did some minor chores around the house.  And I certainly didn't get much time with my post-call husband.  But I did take a break for myself, and my kid was an angel during the 2 hours I drug him around the stores.  I did get an exorbitant amount of kisses from him and tons of giggles.  Thats really all I needed.

And we pulled off those plain white t's like it was our job.  It was a pretty great mother's day indeed.

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  1. Ahhh, you know I love a mini me - and you are totally rocking those white tees. Love that cobalt blue with it. And love the keeping it real on Mother's Day. Peter didn't have to work and my parents came, so I was all set up for a good day and then my kid was insanely cranky. Clinging to me all day, wouldn't even look at his grandparents, refused to have fun at the park... and so the best parts of my day were the ones that didn't involve him. Which I felt kind of bad about, but it was what it was - toddlers just have bad days sometimes, and it's kind of dumb that I put particular expectations on this one day that make it feel disappointing when that's his crabby day. He made up for it Monday, thank goodness. And so glad to hear that you had a fun day! The ones where they're little angels when you want to do some errands are just a treat, aren't they? :)


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