Wednesday, November 18, 2015

two : the big party

I was a little nervous about doing a party at dinner time.  Kyle was on call Saturday night so would sleep for a while Sunday afternoon, and the next weekend begins vacation, so we had to have it this past Sunday evening.  It worked out for the best though!  With the party starting at 5:00, all the toddlers were well napped and ready to go.  

Once everyone started arriving, Myles let it be known he wanted to play outside, so we went with it and the kids enjoyed the leaves while there was still some light out.

Then it was time to move in for dinner and dessert.  We did sing Happy Birthday, but lesson learned... you can't put a regular birthday candle into a rice krispy treat.

Myles has loved looking for all of the paper airplanes as I added to our decorations through the week (Mommy! Airduh!), but he definitely loved all of the additional planes around the house the day of the party.  Our friend Jen made him his awesome birthday shirt (Yellow Door Stitches).

The rest of the time, everyone just hung out and played.  The chalkboard coffee table was the main event for the kids other than the new toys.  There may have been some candy corn thievery in Kyle's lap at one point.  And plenty of sweet moments between friends.

Myles had a lot of fun with his friends! It was a really good birthday.  I think the adults had fun too!  It was nice getting families from our different groups of friends all in one place.


  1. All sounds perfect! The dinner time thing makes me nervous too - seems like higher expectations for what you have to serve people, even if those are self-imposed - but we did it with Hendrik's birthday this year as well and it turned out really fun. Now I have a little more confidence for the future :) And I love Myles' shirt!

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