Wednesday, November 25, 2015

wishlist : Christmas 2015 mommy edition

Its that time of year again.  I have a lot of fun making these little wish lists.  Maybe its helpful for family, or maybe its just helpful for you to think of things you may have forgotten about! 

1 : for the feet I recently realized that my tennis shoes aren't in as good of shape as I thought they were.  And I also realized that I bought them when I was pregnant with Myles.  It is time for replacements.  These at Off Broadway are just too cute and could go with any outfit during any season!  I usually wear an 8.

2 : for the crafting there were several times I really wished I had one of these Fiskars Paper Trimmers for various paper crafts this year.  Other paper crafting things that would be nice, like larger letter and number stamps like these (and ink!), or corner cutters to add a little polish to little projects similar to this.

3 : for the nails I mentioned wanting to try one of these gel manicure systems out, and I still do.  I'm not sure what I'm going to think about the lengthy removal process of gel polish, but this is still something I am very interested in.

4 : for cold weather My friend Lyndsey got this shirt for her birthday a few weeks ago.  It seems to only be sold at our mall in Palmetto Moon, but they do have a website!  I don't have any long sleeve t-shirts but this Sweetly Southern SC one would be a welcome addition to the closet.  They are currently out of my size in the navy, but seem to have a red one in Small.

5 : for the back I am at a point of coming to terms with the fact that most of my back and neck pain is because I have terrible posture at all times; especially when I am on the computer or doing crafts on the couch.  A small adjustable angle and height desk like this one would really help bring things out of my lap to alleviate some of the pain.  

6 : for the cook You may have noticed I have really tried more stir fry dishes this year.  Every single time, I have wished I had a wok.  I used to have a wok but had made the mistake of buying a non-stick one.  You aren't supposed to use non-stick at the hot levels stir fry is meant to be on, and so mine started to tear up.  So a nice carbon steel one like this would be awesome!

Fan of gift cards?  Starbucks, The Jones Market, Dunkin, Old Navy, or Target are all great ideas!

What is on your list this year?  

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