Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Flight 002 ready for takeoff!

I'm all for cute parties, but I'm even more about doing it on a dime.  This little airplane party fit that bill just fine.  

I started out making the invitations myself on Photoshop, and cut them to shape.  A $1 pack of envelopes were decorated with watercolor to look like little airmail envelopes.

I used about $5 of scrapbook paper cut into fourths to fold a massive quantity of paper airplanes during a week's worth of nap times.  A little string and hot glue finished those up.  The airplane garland was hanging everywhere.  I am generally anti-party favors but I couldn't have an airplane themed party without airplane food... the little grab-bags were filled with snack size pretzels and "peanuts" (Nutter Butter cookies!).  

We had 5 families in addition to ourselves to feed so I went for simple and did a big pot of chili and some hotdogs.  I threw the chili together the day before so that it just needed to slowcook on low all day before the party.  I ended up tossing all of our drinks in the sink with the glasses next to it for easy access.  Fruit and Veggie Capri-Suns for the kids.

Since the birthday-boy is allergic to eggs, we made two versions of Rice Krispy treats for the party.  Brown-butter vanilla bean, and Funfetti were super simple, cheap, and a big hit with everyone that came. 

The last of the decorations was my little runway table runner made out of brown wrapping paper and acrylic paint that I already owned.  Everything else was little airplanes we have collected for Myles.  Thanks to Dollar Tree and Aldi, this party was done for next to nothing with great food and fun for the kiddos.  And extra big thanks to my friends Karina and Brittany for helping me clean the house, and make the desserts.  I could not have done this without their help! 

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  1. LOVE it!! The perfect mix - the theme is so fun and all of your DIYs and ideas are so cute, but it's not over the top and still feels relaxed enough to be just a fun gathering for little and grownup friends of a 2-year-old. The invites are so clever, and I love the garlands. Totally worth the naptimes, they turned out so cute. And the favor bags! You couldn't not have a baggage claim.


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