Monday, June 3, 2013

weekend replay : going aways

It was a very busy weekend for us!

Friday I left work later than expected... found out we would be having the apartment shown to potential renters the next morning... So rushed home and cleaned for an hour before we went to our next going away party at Four Pegs with some friends from church at 7pm.  It was also our 5 year anniversary and was a pretty fun night of celebrating.

Got home around 11pm.

Fell asleep shortly before midnight.

Woke up around 6:30, got up a bit later, and started the finishing touches on cleaning the apartment.

Hit up the Farmers Market with the bestie, followed by some omelet making back at her house.

Grocery and home around 1pm to start cooking for our next event.

A second going away party/pot luck at my boss's house.  Our lab is losing me and a Postdoc to residency within the next few weeks!

Left there completely miserable.  Because I've started to get a baby bump!!! And I had squeezed myself into my nice jeans for the past few hours.... we left their house right before 8pm and headed straight to the mall for some maternity clothes.  The idea of which already had me in a tizzy... I just really don't want to deal with this yet.  And it just didn't get any better because:




After an hour of running around, finally ended up at Target and bought the BeBand so I can just keep wearing my normal pants for a while longer... because the bump is obviously not going to fill out maternity pants yet.  I was maybe a little bit traumatized by the experience.

Sunday was a perfect day.  Perfect weather.  Church was good.  Met up with my brother for some lunch at our favorite Asian place (YangKee Noodle), talked Kyle into buying some new shorts at Old Navy, where he made me pick out a maternity shirt to finish off his gift card, and then headed to my aunt's backyard for some alone time in the sun with a book.  I made it home before Kyle (he went to play volleyball with my bro), and got some more alone time with my current game of choice (Skyrim).  Dinner of homemade chilidogs while watching Trouble With The Curve (highly recommend!).  Ended the night with a shocking episode of Game of Thrones and it was a fantastic Sunday. (Though that episode about made me mad enough to stop watching...not really...but come on!!!)

And today is Medical Monday!  What a great way to start off my last week at work!  (My last day is Wed!)  Looking forward to reading what is going on with the rest of the medical life community today! I hope all of you moving are having an easier time of it than us!


  1. I love Target. And their maternity clothes are kinda cute. Sounds like you had a fun week! And I watched GoT too...I was well, I was horrified!!! But it apparently stays really close to true to the books, which I've never read. Hope the moving gets easier! Visiting from MM hop :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with Medical Mondays. All the pictures of yummy food is making me hungry... it must be lunch time!


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