Friday, June 7, 2013

pregnancy : 17 weeks

I was reminded this week that I have yet to do a "bump" photo on here... Well as you are about to see... there isn't much of one to show.  It is noticeable in person, and I definitely feel like my body is starting to be taken over, but its just not a majorly impressive bump yet.

  • due mid-November.
  • I do have to do special stuff with a few pairs of my jeans now to be comfortable.
  • most of my shirts still fit pretty well.
  • laying on my back is officially a bad idea.
  • I still feel pretty normal... no food aversions.
  • I'm still kinda craving donuts, lemonade sounds good a lot.  For the most part though its just whatever I see I want.
  • less than 3 weeks before we know what it is!
  • we have names picked out either way.
  • no you don't get to know what those are. ;-)

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  1. I craved lemonade the entire time I was pregnant and felt like I drank gallons of it! haha! Congrats! Loving the blog! :)


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