Friday, June 28, 2013

"one less lonely child"

Before I force myself to get to work on the house today, I wanted to stop in and let you guys know about an awesome thing happening... My good friend Julia (BlackTag Diaries) and her husband Lance have accepted a referral for their adoption.  They are beginning to fundraise to bring home their beautiful little girl from Uganda ASAP.  

Some things about Julia... girl has talent.  I have always looked forward to her perfectly wrapped and personalized presents, handmade cards, and she is pretty awesome behind a camera... but for this adoption, she is bringing back an old hobby... jewelry making.  She has re-opened her Etsy shop BlackTag Studio, and all proceeds will go toward bringing their precious Gift home.

Not only is her beautiful jewelry being sold, but her father has donated some of his AMAZING handcrafted woodwork; bowls and ink pens.  You have to see this for yourself. 

Please go check out her shop and support this.  They have wanted so long to be parents and it is finally going to be a reality... once the funds are raised.  I can't wait until they have her in their arms.

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