Monday, July 1, 2013

Medical Monday : and so it begins

I completely meant to write a real post specifically for this Medical Monday...  However we were a bit busy the past several days.  Mostly just enjoying each other's company, soaking in the last moments of life before residency.

There were some moments of normalcy... Kyle mowed the lawn for me this weekend, we bought tile for the coffee bar at Home Depot...  but the rest of time was spent either relaxing or getting to know the other residents.

I must say, with each event that passed over the past few days, our desire to be here, for him to be in this program has just been more and more confirmed as the right thing.  So how about a list?
  • the first day of orientation, the entire group had a program-led moment of prayer.  Not just the typical generic religious moment... they said "Jesus" and everything.  
  • Kyle noticed another staff member walking around with a badge that said "I will pray with you if you ask" (or something to that effect).
  • the upper level residents are all GOOD friends.
  • the attendings hang out in their spare time, and were all very welcoming at the get together last week.
  • doctors take each other home when someone is too tired to make it alone.
  • every time Kyle took a tour of a different area of the hospital, everyone... and I mean everyone... has sincerely expressed their desire to help the new interns in any way possible.
  • (as mentioned before) the hospital orientation leader was fine with Kyle leaving in the middle of the day to be with me for the ultrasound last week.
  • the other interns are awesome.  They are all REALLY excited for the "first baby of the group".  And want to get me a puppy since Kyle won't let me (lol :-P)
So the first day of residency... the day I have been so nervous about... how'd it go?  

For him, it began at 3am (in the hospital about 3:45).  Was somewhat uneventful but good.  He checked out around 5pm and was home before 6pm in time for dinner.  So his 14 hour day wasn't bad, and we had enough time to eat and catch up on a few shows before his 8:30pm bedtime.

For me, though I had difficulty falling back to sleep after he got up, sleeping through the first 4 hours of his first day (I got up around 8) really made the day feel like a normal business day.  I got some chores done, ran some errands and relaxed a bit.  I survived.

I hope everyone else had a pretty good first day whether you are a new PGY1, or beginning your final year of residency.

No matter what, we can all celebrate another successful Medical Monday!


  1. Wow! That's amazing! Sounds like a great program/group of people.

  2. Sounds incredible. I'm so glad that you are there! (and your house is amazing!)


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