Friday, July 5, 2013

pregnancy : the bump

Careful.  You might need a microscope to see this thing.  

Seriously... I feel huge... because I have gotten bigger than I have ever been in my life.  

But no one that meets me can tell I'm pregnant... I attribute that to them seeing me from the front at first.  One of the surgery attendings actually said I must be "birthing a rabbit" when I said I was 20 weeks last week at the dinner we went to.  Everyone is shocked.  

All I know is, last week at my doctor's appointment, he is developing normally and not being affected by my own lack of growth.  So I'm not complaining!  It has also (so far) meant not needing to buy very many new clothes.  Most of my summer shirts are stretchy enough to still fit.

I'm not incredibly happy with any of these pictures... but I'm learning :).  I think the switch to yellow makes it easier to see, and I might have figured out the camera settings.  Thanks to Kyle for putting up with weekly picture day.  You can also see the change in wall color best between weeks 19 and 21.  It will eventually make it onto the blog.  Along with the few other small changes we have made so far.

Its amazing how much seeing him on the ultrasound last week has changed things.  Before that, in my mind I think I was just like... yeah something is growing in me that is making me uncomfortable and bigger.

Now its real.  There is a little boy growing in me.  I am going to have a son.  My mind is in nesting mode.  My body isn't... but my mind is definitely dreaming.  Lack of progress is being attributed to terrible weather, needing to finish unpacking before I do anything else, and mentally adjusting to Kyle being gone all the time.  But mostly unpacking.  All I want to do is just throw all the boxes into the car and drop them at Goodwill.  Where am I going to put it all?!?!?!?!?!?!  It has to get done though.  The unpacked boxes are keeping me from trying out new hobbies, restarting old ones, and working on the baby room (all of the boxes are stored there).  

Enjoy your weekends everyone.  I haven't forgotten that I still need to show the bedroom and master bath for the final room-by-room post... that is the only reason I haven't started showing the improvements we have made.  

I have issues finishing things.  Seriously.

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