Wednesday, July 31, 2013

checking in

It has been a while since I posted.  First my parents came in and we were ridiculously busy with working on the house (more on that eventually).  Then Thursday afternoon we got the call that Kyle's grandmother passed away.

So we had to cut the weekend with my parents short and fly in to KY for a funeral.  Thankful that we had already moved plans with friends to the next weekend, and that Kyle already had this past weekend off work so he really only needed to request one extra day off for travel. Even more thankful that his program was extremely understanding and immediately told him to do whatever he needed to do and just make sure to come back home safe.  (Have I mentioned lately how much I love his program?)

I am glad we made it in for the funeral (thanks to some family members).  It was great to celebrate her life and see some family again.  I feel pretty exhausted though from the past week so I'm taking it easy and slowly painting the baby room this week.

Despite cutting things short, we got a TON done while my parents were here.

  • laundry room cabinet replaced
  • laundry hookups and outlets moved
  • folding table installed
  • coffee bar completed
  • baby room cleaned out
  • main gutter problems fixed
  • display frames built for baby room
  • trees trimmed
  • yard mowed and weed-eated
  • fan replaced in living room
  • light installed in spare bedroom
  • blind installed on last window in living room
  • flag hung on front of house
Yeah... we were busy.  I hope my parents feel like they got to have a little fun while they were here.  We didn't completely plan on getting all of that done.  I promise to slowly get some updated pictures up so you all can see the changes.

In the meantime, I finally started a hobby that I had been hoping to begin now that I have a ton of time on my hands.  Bread making.  Last week I tried my hand at french bread (that needs to be tried wasn't that great), and dinner rolls (AMAZING).  Last night I made a loaf of some Country Crust Bread, a recipe that my friend Amy had recommended on her blog a while back.  (Thanks Amy).  I hope to never buy bread again.  This stuff was awesome.

mouth watering yet?  


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the bread! There seriously is nothing like a fresh loaf of that stuff. Hubby and I used to fly through a loaf in two days (which is partly why I won't make it anymore, LOL).

    Also, I'm immensely jealous of all you and your parents have gotten done around your house. I'm pretty sure you've gotten more done in a month than I have in three years. (Granted, I have no help and very little funds and a hubby who thinks decorating is utterly pointless.) I'm really excited to see the coffee bar and your laundry room updates! Please do share them soon! :)

  2. Oh wow, sounds like you all got a ton accomplished. It's no wonder you haven't had time for blogging!

  3. Sorry to hear about grandma, but so glad you were able to celebrate her life with the family.
    Isn't it great when parents come to town?!


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