Monday, July 15, 2013

weekend replay : exploring

Friday was a heavenly day.  I got up early, made an unsuccessful trip to a yard sale (who puts on Craigslist that there are vintage toys but only has fishing equipment?) followed by a very successful trip to a local coffee shop in the town up the road.  (The highway close to our house is long...and there are 3 small towns in quick succession along it).  I had been meaning to try Fix espresso down the street, but because of the yard sale being up the street, I found a different one.  So I grabbed my library book on gardening and my notebook and ordered a latte with roasted marshmallow syrup at Stomping Grounds.

Down the road was a nice fabric store where a nice older woman directed me around the corner to a really cool little antique shop.  I'm thinking about returning for this... maybe it could be a unique display shelf for the baby room?

Antiquing was followed by a trip to Lowe's.  Because I really hate my front door and needed paint samples.  

Kyle got home around 6:30 that evening and we just enjoyed each other's company. Caught up on some shows, and went to bed at the same time for the first time in weeks. 

So that he doesn't get too much off his sleep schedule on his weekend off, we went to bed about 10 and up by 7:30 (so he still "slept in" (more sleep than normal), but without the sleeping the day away part).  And we were at Target across town by 9 to start the registering process.  Thats right.  Kyle's first day off and I drug him to the baby aisles.  Thought it would be quick and simple... done by noon.  HA!  Target was quick and easy, then we hit Babies-R-Us.  And had to take a lunch break (at Del's Twisted Kitchen... SO GOOD).  And then spent another 2 hours at Babies-R-Us.  Poor Kyle.  It wasn't my fault though... we were both caught up on the stroller/car seat decision.  I think we took all of them off the shelf and collapsed and snapped and adjusted... and still never completely picked anything.  Eventually we just had to call it a day.  At least we got some snazzy "freebies" and coupons out of it.

However, I can't just let things rest.  I obsess.  So I let Kyle have some time to do some online gaming with my brother, and I went back to Target.  And browsed.  And walked.  And didn't really add much of anything to our list.

Sunday was pancakes and church and Mexican food at Corona's and groceries and enjoying Kyle's last day off for 12 days.  

It was a full weekend, and despite extremely crappy weather on both days, I think it was a good weekend.  Today, my aunt and grandmother are en route to visit for several days.  Hopefully there will be a little productivity around the house and I can squeeze out some of my aunt's luck for finding amazing deals on cool old stuff while they are here.  

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  1. Sometimes it's the "simple" days that make the best days!
    Hope you enjoy having your family for a visit :)


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