Wednesday, July 17, 2013

registering is frustrating

Its hard to register for some things when you know what ISNT in the store.  So this is my own online registry.  Stuff I would love to have but don't really expect to get.  So soak in the cuteness.

Boppy cover : I have a bare Boppy, and it needs a cover.  Unfortunately, I'm not thrilled with anything in the stores.  I mean... I will get something if I have to, but these are really just so much cuter!

TheButtercupBoutique- Etsy $32
Lanukas- Etsy $32
DesignsbyChristyS-Etsy $30
Pacifier clip : I never even saw these in either store.

TheSugarButtonShop- Etsy $6

TheSwinkyBinky- Etsy $5.50

Wall Decoration : there are no owls in baby stores for boys.  Only pink owls and one creepy looking lime green one.  This one is completely customizable with about 30 different colors for each part.  (Disclaimer:  this is NOT our baby's future name).

JustTheFrosting- Etsy $34
Bedding : A crib skirt seems to be pretty hard to find on its own... Just something simple would suffice.

BabyCribSkirts- Etsy $33
 Unique clothing : things I have seen other parents put their babies in that I am in love with.  
baby leg warmers
Sweet Caroline Crafts- Etsy $8
funny hats
callyfindlay- Etsy $14
Keeping with the vintage theme :
how cute would this be framed on the wall?
PastOnPaper- Etsy $14
this is our home now too
amykristineprints- Etsy $12
I'm sure there are plenty of things that I'm not thinking of that I have seen around... but these are the things I couldn't really find in the stores.


  1. Cute! Perhaps you could do a little online registry for Etsy and other places. You could include details of which colors/patterns/options you wanted for certain items. I've used My Registry in the past and they've been great. They leave an option for notes and color choices when you save something to the registry. Also, Etsy offers gift cards now, which most shops will accept... so you could always request Etsy gift cards as well to purchase things for the little guy. :)

  2. I was going to recommend as well! I have know several people who have used it to register for unique items.

    Miss you lady!!!

  3. LOVE all of this stuff. Etsy is so addicting...


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