Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend replay : yardsale

The weekend was intense.  My friend Julia let me participate in her yard sale this weekend.  (Part of my project downsize).  It was pretty successful!  I got rid of 4 pieces of patio furniture that I knew I wouldn't want to move with us (a bistro set and a rod iron plant stand).  Several knick knacks, a few jackets, and our comforter set (to be sold in consignment).  Some pretty good progress.  We only took 2 small boxes of stuff to Goodwill afterward!  While my friend did much better monetarily (for her adoption savings woot woot!), I was glad to have the extra almost $100 added to the "renovations" column of our budget and less crap to take with us in 2 months.  These pics are after the "early bird rush"  that occurred 45 minutes before we opened up shop... or you know... woke up.  But we couldn't be too mad, my friend made about 1/3 of her take in that little time frame... from one person.  These people were serious.

Thanks to my family who all helped price, box, transport and unload my share of the stuff.  After the yard sale and Goodwill run, my family all went to the park.  More specifically the park my brother has been doing his internship with to finish his college career.  It did not disappoint.  It is a brand new park in the east end of our city, the first part of a major project.  My brother is really proud of this place and it wasn't hard to see why.  They have done an amazing job there.  It was the perfect way to spend our first nice Spring day.  Unfortunately I was only able to take a few shots with my phone... I brought my camera out with me... but forgot to put the newly charged battery back in it.  :/

End the weekend with not only the men's, but also women's Cardinal basketball teams headed to the championship game... and it was a pretty awesome weekend.  I'm exhausted.. and not sure if I can handle staying up so late to watch the game tonight... Why on earth does it start at 9:23pm?  
Good luck tonight guys!

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