Sunday, April 14, 2013

house hunting part 1

 The trip has been pretty good so far.  We took it slow and split the drive into 2 days which was fantastic.  It was a great start to Saturday getting to drive through the mountains in the morning.  Beautiful.  

The realtor had added one more house to our list that came on the market Friday night... flipped by a realtor.  It was gorgeous... but we had to accept that it was tiny.  Like we would MAYBE be able to put our Queen and Full beds into 2 of the rooms but no other furniture with them.  We need dressers.  

10 other houses later... with some characters thrown in... we have 2 clear winners.  In separate parts of town.

Which is the dilemma.  Because one is as perfect as you can get.  New stuff... great lot... laundry room, the only 2 car carport we saw.  Neighborhood is cute as a button.  But the overall location is just ok.  Nothing exciting about the part of town its in... schools aren't amazing.  Time to hospital?  Google maps says 20 minutes.  I hadn't even really wanted to look in this area because of the further proximity to the "happening" part of town.  But there really isn't anything wrong with the town either.  Its just not the location of the other.

Second house... Size is fine... No real dining room but the front room could become that.  Lot/yard is great.  Closets are big.  Kitchen has great potential for personal upgrades.  Older appliances but newer than what we have now.  Wood burning fireplace.  Only a laundry closet in the living room, no covered parking for even one car, driveway is gravel.  Master bath is TINY.  Neighborhood isn't as cute as any of the other houses we looked at.  So why are we looking at this one at all?  Its cheaper than the other, and the town it is in is notoriously popular because it has the BEST schools in the county.  House is well maintained, lots of good storage.  And it is closer to the "happening" part of town... e.i. shopping. We really do like it.  Google maps says 20 minutes to the hospital. 

The realtor is torn as well.  And what we were hoping wouldn't happen, happened while we were at dinner last night.  The 2nd house already has an offer on it.  Thankfully we get to see it again today and make a final decision.  We will go over these places with a fine tooth comb.  This is hard you all.  I'm a major ball of nerves.  

But I LOVE this city!!!

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  1. “We will go over these places with a fine tooth comb.” - It's an understandable and wise decision. House hunting is not an easy job since there are a lot of factors to consider like the location, the price, and the house itself. Scrutinizing every detail will definitely lead you to the right house.


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