Thursday, April 25, 2013

thankful thursday

This Thursday I am thankful for...
progress.  thanks to my mother-in-law, my bathrooms are spotless.  I had the push I needed to go ahead and box up the books from the bookcase, and I posted my cabinet for sale online.  (not that anyone has inquired about it).
a good report.  I went to the dentist last Friday.  First time in two years.  Its not that I'm one of those people that has always been afraid of the dentist... I just had a bad experience when trying out my first dentist in Louisville.  I went then, first time in a long time since I didn't have insurance, but wasn't too worried because I had never had a bad report at my hometown dentist.  Walked out with a recommendation to fill 9 cavities that didn't completely exist yet for $2K.  Thankfully my old local dentist assured me that was stupid.  But now I need wisdom teeth out... so I made the trip to the local dental school for a cleaning.  With only one problem tooth that I know is a problem, I walked out with a good report and surgery scheduled.  Too bad I'm leaving town and will have to go through the search again!

donuts.  I have become reacquainted with my old love recently.  I used to stop at the gas station and grab some Dunkin once a week as my Friday treat last year.  Then I started sleeping in and that practice ended a while back.  I went back last week and it was glorious.  And I bought a box of Entenmann's Softees from the grocery this week.  I have a problem.  And I'm not ashamed.

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  1. Progress always makes me happy!
    Yay for a good dental report. I put off going to the dentist as long as possible. It's just one of those things I hate to do :(


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